Hidden SEX Problem in the Insurance Industry on InsuranceNewsNet

Seriously, there is a hidden sex problem in the insurance industry. Gotta admit I never heard it phrased like that before. The insurance industry has stopped producing, training, mentoring, building the next wave of agents. There a few to take the torch from an esteemed generation who built this industry.

Earlier this year, we went down to our executive home office based in Dallas, TX. Patrick had a surprise waiting for us.

Being under his direct mentorship the past 3 years, he has significantly transformed our business.

InsuranceNewsNet, led by Paul Feldman, wanted to do a cover story interview for his magazine. It is the one of the most widely read publication within the life, health, disability insurance industry.

Personally, I’ve read their publication since I started my career. Quite often I visit their website to real time articles that serve as training for our entrepreneurial agency builders.

Hidden Sex Problem in the Insurance Industry

When I heard Patrick talk about his analogy of why our industry has slid from have 500,000 insurance agents in the 1970s to only 149,000 agents in 2015 (source: LIMRA), I had to say, “DAYEM RIGHT!”

There’s a big reason why PHP Agency has been highlighted AND covered for TWO months in a row by InsuranceNewsNet. There’s a big reason why our CEO/Founder, Patrick Bet-David, host of the #1 channel on YouTube for Entrepreneurs has exploded to over 800,000 subscribers.

People want more financial control in their lives and finding that capitalism, free enterprise and entrepreneurship is the vehicle that will get them there.

Is it a perfect system and economic philosophy? Of course not.

But it had allowed me, an eight year Marine Corps veteran to transition from active duty to the civilian world. Since then I have commanded a six-figure income. The last time a took a W2 paycheck from a “boss” was 2001. The first time I hit a six-figure income as a single-father with custody of my son was 2003.

The first time my wife and I had experienced a $250k, $500k…a $1 million a year income was AFTER we aligned with the systems and mentorship of PHP Agency and Patrick Bet-David.

And we’re JUST getting started. And we’re doing our part to help fix the sex problem in the insurance industry.

Please watch this interview with Paul Feldman. Best part is doing it alongside our friends and fellow co-owners of PHP Agency, Rodolfo and Cecy Vargas. They are based out of Houston, TX growing a MASSIVE agency after starting from scratch. Quite impressive having immigrated from El Salvador and relocated from Palmdale, CA.