Highly Educated, Gainfully Employed and Broke with Dr. Len Cooper

There’s an axiom that says, “When you buy into someone else’s philosophy, you buy into their lifestyle.”  Joining Matt Sapaula for this episode of The Movement, from the headquarters of the Money Smart Movement team, is Dr. Len Cooper.

Dr. Cooper holds a PhD in Education and shares details of his journey of being Highly Educated, Gainfully Employed and Broke and how he changed his philosophy and ultimately changed his life.  This podcast draws a stark contrast between two philosophies.  Succinctly, the two philosophies are that of the rich versus the poor.  But these two philosophies, opinions, and ideas play out in the choices that we all make.  Matt asks Dr. Cooper some insightful questions as they talk through Dr. Cooper’s journey from educator to entrepreneur.

Seven questions that should be highlighted are:

1. Why was education and good grades impressed upon you as the way out of poverty? – 6:50

2. What was your A-HA moment? – 13:50

3. What was it that hooked you about entrepreneurship? -17:28

4. What were your first steps in your transition? -19:29

5. What would you say to someone who is Highly Educated, Gainfully Employed and Broke? – 21:36

6. What do you think are some actually steps people can take and who should they talk to? – 26:08

7. Who’s making the amount of money that you make as an entrepreneur, by being an employee? – 36:38

Clearly, the choice comes down to what one wants for their life.  Before success can be realized, one must take inventory. Part of that inventory comes in the form of considering whether the philosophies one holds will help to produce the results they hope to achieve.

For example, who did the philosophy I follow come from and is the person living the life that I want to live?  If the answers are not favorable, then one must be open to new or different philosophies, ideas, and opinions that will yield the results desired.

We hope that you can extrapolate from this podcast and article some nuggets to help shed new light on your path to achieve your greatest dreams.  Be sure to share this with your friends and let us know how if, it has helped you.