Hosting an Event for 4,000 in Vegas | Living Money Smart, a Vetrepreneur VLOG EP16

Who would of thought that hosting an event in Vegas with 4,000 would be this fun? Sure you go through the days of lacking sleep, paying attention to details and yet bringing your A-game.

PHP Agency, led by CEO/Founder Patrick Bet-David, put together an EPIC national convention never heard of in the insurance industry. Along with associates and field leaders coming together from coast-to-coast, VIPs and investors brought some major value.

You will see in this episode of Living Money Smart, a Veteran Entrepreneur VLOG (#Vetrepreneur) that it was NON-STOP!

Hosting an Event in Vegas “New Force Awakens” with PHP Agency

It included some of the following:

1. CEO/Founder meets with co-owners of PHP Agency in the Marcus Aurelius Suite. It costs $40k/night a night! 2:19 2. Marketing Directors who run their own small agency were treated to the Omnia Club. It was completely rented out just for PHP Agency. They were served food and drink while going over some business. 3:39

3. Matt and Sheena Sapaula were specially invited for a mentoring dinner with the Bakersfield office. This was sponsored by Hector and Erika Del Toro. A party bus took them to Sushi Samba 3:48

4. Day 2 begins with 4,000 associates of PHP Agency FIRED UP! 5:00

5. Kentucky Head Coach John Calipari takes the stage 5:36

6. Matt Sapaula opens up the convention with his talk “PHP Agency vs. the Industry” 5:49

7. Day 3 begins with Marketing Directors who lead their respective cities 6:11

8. Donald Quinine, from Compton, CA raises the roof 6:17

9. Grant Cardone pops in to say hello 6:44

10. Elena Cardone talks to Sheena Sapaula about working together as a power couple in business 6:53

11. Matt Sapaula hosts the Gala Awards Night 7:00

12. Comedian Maz Jobrani fills the audience with laughs 7:10

13. Patrick Bet-David makes a shocking announcement of who is a new investor into PHP Agency 7:28

14. Bonus checks are handed for the first 7 months of 2017 to leading field leaders of PHP Agency 7:35

15. Illusionist Fredrick Da Silva shocks the audience 7:50

16. PHP Agency officially is licensed to do business and expand to Puerto Rico 7:54

17. Day begins with “The Great One” Wayne Gretzky, NHL hockey hall-of-fame 7:59

18. Matt Sapaula gives a closing talk accompanied by field leadership of the Money Smart Movement team 8:11

19. Matt Sapaula and Michael Byan (Dallas, TX) go Facebook LIVE with their excitement in picking up their exotic cars for the evening 8:30

20. Matt and Sheena Sapaula pick up their Rolls Royce Ghost as they thank Patrick Bet-David for the treat 8:46

21. Field Leaders and Top Entrepreneurs of PHP Agency get spoiled with 20 exotic cars. They range from Porsche, Mercedes Benz, Bentley, Lamborghini, and Ferrari. 9:12

22. REACTION from the Money Smart Movement team 10:24

23. After Party for PHP Agency annual convention at Wayne Newton’s $70M estate “Casa De Shenandoah” 11:05 24. Debut of “Dead End” by artist, Ozzie Cartagena 11:17

25. Experiencing a glass of Louis XIII, 100 year old cognac, for the first time 11:40 26. Touring the Wayne Newton Museum and his memorabilia 12:30 Next stop for PHP Agency is New Orleans mid-year convention in January 2018!