How a Real Estate Agent Made $127K in Two Days During the Covid-19 Lockdown

Folks, I want to introduce you to a gentleman who retired as a sheriff, dabbled in real estate but now he finds himself in the insurance industry. And in the last two days, he has made a hundred and twenty-seven thousand dollars with a life insurance business. So, ladies and gentlemen, welcome back again Danny Singson.

Danny: What’s up brother?

Matt: I am looking at this juicy check you made. What’s happening?

Danny: Here’s the thing, we were just talking before we went live about my industry and how it is kind of an anomaly. But, I’m very blessed. Quite honestly, I feel very saddened about what’s happening in the economy and what’s happening out there in general. I have said this before, I am in the Bay Area and it just looks like a ghost town.

Matt: So, you made a hundred twenty-seven thousand dollars in two days. What were you making as a sheriff?

Danny: I would say right around there but for the whole year. Isn’t that crazy?

Matt: So, talk about the mindset that someone needs to succeed.

Danny: The day to day activity that you do is just 20% important. The 80%, if not more, is actually the mindset you have. A lot of it depends on how you feel about the work. You have to be passionate about it but the platform matters a lot.

These days, it isn’t about who you want to be. These days, the question is, how do you want to live? That defines what you need to do in your life. And hopefully what you need to do is in life with your values, morals, passion, interests. I personally wanted to live way bigger than my paycheck.

What I have learned is, my job in my office is to train any would-be entrepreneurs in my team or those who want to be in my team is to get them to raise their value. Once you raise their value, what happens is, the market place responds with more money because now you are worth more. So, to me it’s about the journey, to raise the value, finding a better version of you and things like that.

Matt: Did you face push back from friends and family when you wanted to pursue entrepreneurship?

Danny: Definitely. People generally criticize others who have big dreams. That’s because they are comfortable in their little comfort zones. If you dream big, others just scoff. They just don’t have that courage. And when you talk to them and explain to them about your journey and they don’t get it, well, you shouldn’t take it personally.

They are just not ready to change their lives for the better. There are a lot of cultural reasons for this too. Mainly in Asian communities, people expect you to study hard, get degrees, and get jobs and then retire one day. That’s all they know and they might want to push that onto you.