How Life Insurance Really Works

Matt: You know Dustin, I’m glad you took financial responsibility for your family. You had a style of life insurance that nobody had to die for you to get benefit from. Now that you guys are in the insurance industry, how many people do you run into that don’t realize what life insurance actually does?

Dustin: Everyone!

Matt: Everyone. Kenya how would you have paid the bills, how would you have bought the groceries, how would you have helped your kids out if Dustin didn’t have life insurance? I mean, picture your life right now if you didn’t have the claim from the insurance company paid to you. How would you guys be surviving right now?

Kenya: I honestly don’t know. Like, the thought is scary. You don’t want to be a burden to your family. I’m the oldest out of three and my siblings, they all have their own families, their own responsibilities. I don’t know what I would have done! We already have a tribe of our own. And I had the thought, I’m not gonna lie. I had a thought that if he didn’t have it, who would take in a family? And you don’t wanna feel like you’re not being responsible. I’m 39. At this age, you’re already too old to be trying to figure out life and trying to restart.

Matt: You see a lot of clients, you educate them on this stuff all this time as well. So, how many people do you run across that are totally uneducated about life insurance?

Kenya: Many! Many are ignorant about how life insurance works. Many think that it’s just for when you die. But you can use it while you’re living. It’s all about life. That’s why it’s called “life insurance”, you know!

Matt: So, you’re still homeschooling the kids?

Kenya: Yes, I am still homeschooling the kids. The kids don’t know the details of the policy but they can tell that mommy and daddy are okay. So, they’re okay. Because kids are smart. They’re very smart, very watchful, they’re paying attention. So, they saw the stress when this first happened. They felt the stress. But now, they just know. Like, they’re relieved. They know somehow that mommy and daddy are okay. We’re all okay.

Matt: When you see people unprepared and they set up a GoFundMe page (which is not supposed to be used for life insurance), how do you feel about that? What would you say to someone who would use this?

Kenya: It is not anyone else’s responsibility to take care of your life needs. GoFundMe takes a percentage out too. They take their cut. So, that compared to a life insurance policy, is huge. Which cut would you rather give? Something as huge as GoFundMe’s cut or something as small as life insurance’s cut? In life insurance, you save way more after a small cut.