How Real Estate Agents Recession Proof Their Income | Insurance vs. Real Estate Pt 2

There is a saying that tough times create great leaders. The time for you to work is now, especially during the coronavirus pandemic. In this post, I want to present to you two interviews with successful entrepreneurs in the insurance industry who were formerly in the real estate industry. The objective is to talk about the differences between the two.

Cindy Cobos

Matt: We welcome Miss Cindy Cobos. Welcome to the show.

Cindy: Hey! I am excited to be here.

Matt: We are in the middle of the coronavirus shut down and you are excited?

Cindy: Yes, I am! I am at the office right now. It depends on how you look at the current situation.

Matt: How did you get involved in real estate?

Cindy: My mom has always been an entrepreneur and when we came to the US, she wanted to get into the business world. She started cleaning up houses at night. Then one day she decided to get into real estate. And I wanted to help her and that’s how it started.

Matt: What were the biggest frustrations that you saw in real estate that you don’t see in the insurance industry?

Cindy: In the real estate, in the past, there was no obligation for the buyers or sellers to stick with the same agent. They could change their agent even after you have put in all the hard work. Also, it used to take months to get a deal whereas, in the insurance industry, it takes something like half an hour. It is easy to find the perfect product for your clients.

Danny Singson

Matt: We have Danny Singson from the Bay area. Danny welcome back.

Danny: It’s a pleasure to be on!

Matt: You are now considered by Governer Newsom an essential business amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Danny: Yeah, he announced that only essential businesses are to be allowed. We are considered an essential business for the US economy.

Matt: If you were in the real estate business, how would you be feeling right now?

Danny: I would really be panicking right now. I would be thinking “what next”. We live in a transparent world right now and you can no longer claim that you are busy to attract more clients. Everybody knows that the real estate business is basically on a pause right now. Nobody wants a seller or a buyer to come to your house. We are all in quarantine.

Matt: So, as an insurance professional, your business is booming? You are now busier than ever?

Danny: Yeah! It is Saturday and I have been running and gunning since morning. I haven’t even eaten yet. Business is really booming right now.

Matt: What skills does someone have in real estate that they can transfer over to insurance?

Danny: The ability to hustle, the will to follow up, the ability to talk to people or communicate, these are the main skills that you can transfer from real estate to the insurance industry.