How Rich People Think: 11 Ways to Be More than Just Average

Get your head right! Winning the money game and pursuing a life of financial freedom begins with how one thinks. Each week I have the opportunity of working with a world-class mentor, Patrick Bet-David, who is CEO/Founder of PHP Agency, Inc. He shared this with us and our team put together a quick image that I hope you print out and burn into your mind each day.

The difference between the rich and the average starts with our stinkin’ thinkin’! I’ve always wondered, even as a teenager, why I lived in a certain neighborhood and had certain things and other kids seemed to have more. I’d always asked what their parents did for a living and observed what they drove, what things they were involved in and how they approached life.

How Rich People Think Differently

Here’s a summarized punch list of how rich people approach (Source: Business Insider) –












Taking an inventory, through self-reflection, in these 11 different ways. Get ready for a reality check! However, when you change what goes on the inside, will then change what goes on the outside.

Decide to be rich, or settle being average!

I’ve got no problem or judgement when it comes to choosing average. I do have a problem when one decides to settle and not discover the best version of themselves!

I’m curious though, how do you think rich people think differently when it comes to the weekend? What do they do differently with “time off”, than the average person?

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