How to Be a “Shut Yo Mouth” Public Speaker at Your Next Convention or Live Event

While preparing for our PHP Agency Field of Dream annual convention, we had over 60+ hand-selected public speakers on a national conference call on how to rock the stage. I’m excited to say that of these speakers 11 of them are entrepreneurs that I’ve mentored and now speaking on a stage in front of 3,000 attendees.

Matt Sapaula helps Chicago Entrepreneurs prepare for a national convention as public speakers for PHP Agency Inc

Topics will range from personal development, leadership, business operations, systems and process, personal finance, marketing, social media…and more!

And how cool to know that they are sharing the same stage as guest speaker, Magic Johnson!

Here’s my notes from what I shared on how to get the most of a public speaking opportunity and be a “SHUT YO MOUTH” speaker that everyone remembers.

How to be a “Shut Yo Mouth” Public Speaker at Your Next Convention or Live Event

Speaker Topic Outline

  1. Develop Talking Points from Problems You Face (pertaining to the topic)
  2. What is the Consequence of Allowing this Problem to Continue
  3. Share Your Solution to Fixing the Problem
  4. Share a Story. Perhaps images of quotes from testimonials, great social proof examples.


Generate Audience Participation with Humor, a Joke or Quick Survey

  1. Speak WITH audience, not AT them. That way you’re message is more memorable.
  2. Share a common pain, funny inside story that most people don’t know about or mutual experience that everyone can relate with
  3. If something goes wrong, don’t criticize or blame. You can challenge. Win the crowd. Earn their trust, respect..positive mindset and make the BEST of anything that may come your way on stage.


  1. Don’t clutter your Powerpoint slides with too much COPY.
  2. Rule of thumb is 36-40 font size per bullet point
  3. Use Images so people take pictures. Reference Steve Jobs ability to be a prolific “shut yo mouth” public speaker and how we won the crowd.
  4. Put your social media handle on slide, i.e. @MoneySmartGuy; when people post your pic…people can see you’re on social media and follow you too.
  5. Check with audio/visual on what videos, online access you have if you’re linking to a website in your Powerpoint. Good idea to see a day before hand what is available and what you’ll need to adjust or add to make your talk more memorable.

Be Enthusiastic

  1. Breath, relax and be the most energetic version of you. Don’t worry about fitting in all the words you wanted, every public speaker always has a “I should have said this” moment. People don’t necessarily remember WHAT you said, more importantly HOW you  made them feel.
  2. Walk and pace the stage. Don’t get caught behind the podium, unless of course you’re talking for less than 3 minutes.
  3. Best place to stand when introducing a slide is STAGE LEFT. So your new powerpoint slides appears to the audience, is (stage) right. It’s how our brain has been programmed to think and digest info. Most of us read, left to right…and how our brain digests information smoothly.

Practice, Drill, Rehearse

  1. PLEASE don’t let this be your FIRST time presenting your talk.
  2. Need reps, need reps, need reps…do you talk OUT LOUD over and over.
  3. Do YOUR talk, not think about your talk. Awkward, Mechanical and Natural state applies here.
  4. One Bullet point takes about 1-2 minutes to articulate.
  5. Be on time so you can respect others who have speaking time as well…it is always a tight agenda and everyone needs to be on time.

Have FUN

  1. Own the STAGE. Your message is on display!
  2. Enjoy this moment, honor the invitation by being prepared.
  3. Have your talks video recorded by a team mate with a separate camera. Carry you phone, take a quick selfie with the audience as a backdrop…and if time permits, do a quick 10 sec snap of what it feels like. However, don’t hog your audience’s attention with this moment fumbling around.
  4. HAve a ROUTINE backstage that gets you in STATE. Value, value…its about giving THEM value and YOU are simply the messenger. It’s about the MESSAGE.
  5. Post, post, post on FB. Like, comment and share one another’s posts!


So there you go! The more prepared your are, the more confident you become. I hope you can use this tips to rock the stage as a public speaker at your next company convention or live event! Be sure to drop me a line in the comment section below and let me know your experience or further ideas!