How to Build Your Business Like a Pro Athlete | #EntrepAthlete EP1

My name is MoneySmartGuy Matt Sapaula. I am a United States Marine Corps veteran who became an entrepreneur in the insurance industry. I have always been a frustrated athlete, feeling like I never accomplished what I wanted when I had the chance to play. I am here to constantly recreate myself, pay the price of success and expect to win.

Entrepreneurship is my arena where I treat business like sport. Being in business for myself gives my family and me the best chance to win our financial championship every day for the rest of our lives. Entrepreneurship is my constant recreation. And for me, one of the easiest ways to do that is through the body.

Sometimes, during a workout, you let your ego be bigger than what your body, joints, muscles can actually lift. Thank god for a coach, for a trainer to modify and adjust the activities in accordance with what you can handle.

Translate that to business and you realize that sometimes, you let your ego get bigger than your bank account. If you don’t allow a coach to consult or somebody to come in and help you make decisions, help you make course corrections, you will face some really harsh outcomes. Just as a trainer helps prevent injury, a mentor can help you prevent financial injury.

Recreating Yourself

So, a part of recreating yourself is attacking your body, obviously from multiple angles. Translate that to business. There are many different aspects of entrepreneurship – skillsets, phone skills, presentation skills, relationship skills, financial skills. To be a better entrepreneur, you have to attack it from multiple angles.

I’m so glad to have partners – people who are watching you, spotting you, pushing you from behind, pushing you beyond what you thought you could get on your own. During intense workouts, I usually start giving up midway but my trainer ensures that I complete my sets. Translate that to business and it still applies. Sometimes you go through intense phases and you might feel like giving up but your partners will keep pushing you.

During workouts, you need to retrain your mind to think that the hardest workouts are the most petite and basic. However, if you think from the get-go that your grand or big goals are difficult, it will be really hard for you to go make them a reality. The same applies to business as well. If you are scared by the sheer size of your dreams and goals, how are you going to achieve them?

At the end of the day, it’s about being your personal best by beating your prior best. If you can keep doing it, one day you will reach your goals and achieve the wildest dreams you might have. And during the journey, you have to be willing to do anything it takes. You even have to be willing to do the things you loathe. If you give yourself fully to the cause, you will actually love the process and the journey.