How to Create a Powerful Vision of Your Success Even If You’re Broke

Patrick: I remember when we were in Dubai. I called you guys and told you if you do the following things, we can figure out a way to get you to Dubai. You flew out to Dubai and I brought a couple of my friends. I was telling them that there was a couple here who are going to do great things here. Let me introduce them to you.

He says, “buddy, earlier we were in the elevator with them and it was so awkward. They were screaming at each other the entire time in the elevator. We couldn’t wait to leave.” So, when you went to Dubai, where were you at that time, emotionally, financially?”

Matt: The crazy part is we could barely afford a free trip. We land in Dubai, we go to the Atlantis. I said to her, “babe let’s get a Martini”. She said, “we don’t got it.” I said, “We don’t got what? We don’t got 20 bucks to buy a martini to celebrate our arrival in Dubai? Well, let’s go up to the room and drink some water.”

Sheena: This is where opposites are perfect. Because he was like this visionary, who always spoke about the future and I’m more the realist that lived in the present too much, which is not always a good thing. So, he was like, “Yeah, we are going to Dubai”. And I was like, “Yeah, but we don’t have the money. I want to make sure we are able to get back.”

He said a really profound thing. He said that we needed to fool ourselves on what our future was gonna be like. I said that I was okay with that as I needed to fool myself too as looking at that bank account was not making me feel better. And so we went and I remember what made me so upset as we were checking into the hotel and waiting on the deposit was that we were going to hang out with all these people who were so successful and we can’t show them this side of us that we’re really broke.

Matt had found Hinde Thomas at the hotel and they went into the guys’ spa area and if you know anything about Hinde and Matt together, they can talk for five days straight. So, they got caught up in the moment in the guys’ spa and I couldn’t get a hold of him. And I said, “we need to be downstairs.” So, he comes smiling back. They had spent hours talking and chatting and having a good time.”

When I was balancing the fact that we had no money, I didn’t know where we were going on a group trip, I didn’t know if had to pay for something. And then my husband comes back, carefree, no worries. I just let loose everything that was inside of me. I didn’t realize those were your friends in the elevator!