How To Effectively Earn The Respect Of Others

The goal of being both well-respected and well-liked is not an easy one to achieve and often seems unachievable. Those that thought of as demanding respect are also often thought of as intimidating or unapproachable. This doesn’t have to be the case.

Here are some tips on how you can earn respect from your colleagues and employees without ruffling feathers or burning bridges.

Conservatively promise and then overachieve

Taken from Tom Peters’ book In Search of Excellence, the thought that it is much better to be conservative when discussing and guaranteeing outcomes in order to give yourself the opportunity to do your best work and perhaps overachieve, is both controversial and valid.

“With an explosion of competitors, many of them new and without track records, reliability, rather than overly aggressive promises, is the most valuable strategic edge, especially for the mid- to long-haul. While getting faster at responding to customers is imperative, living up to commitments has never been worth more.”

Be Grateful

No one likes that guy who takes all the credit – especially when he had serious help along the way. Those who have garnered respect among their colleagues know when to give appreciation where it is due. This is essential. Leaders who have earned respect regularly exercise the following:

Acknowledge the work of their employees

Add personal touches like hand written letters

Show praise in both private and public settings

Cultivate a culture of gratitude and mutual respect

Most importantly, when praising and appreciating, it must be sincere for it to be effective.

Modest Start to Finish

Modesty or humility is one of the most valuable traits that any successful leaders must share. When team leaders and members are humble, they can easily use each other for help and collaboration, learn from each other, and gain the power to use those lessons to better themselves and those they later encounter in need of humility training.