How to Gain Confidence of Others

Matt Sapaula goes Facebook LIVE, taping his podcast “The Movement” – How to Gain, Win and Hold Confidence of Others. Inspired by many questions relating to gaining confidence during our weekly workshops.

Plus over the past couple week during one-on-one mentoring sessions many of the associates have asked me how they can gain confidence, especially when they feel lacking in experience, age and know-how.

When one doesn’t have confidence, it does the following:

-It keeps people in the comfort zone

-It keeps people from the doing the actual work to become successful

-It keeps people from overcoming failure

-It keeps people from quitting too soon

-It keeps people lazy, unproductive and settling for less than what they deserve

-It keeps people broke, cynical and discouraging to others

Why do people have access to the same information and yet have varying different results?

It’s a Lack of Confidence

-Lack of Confidence Keeps People Broke

How to Gain Confidence

MONEY is attracted to confidence
MONEY is energy…POSITIVE energy
MONEY like to stay with those that know how to handle it and surround it with more friends like it.

#1 Be Authentic, Truthful and Blunt

Tell story on how I recruit, attract and become brutally honest.

Feel that you DESERVE confidence, the best clients and partners to work with and nothing less.

I shall in the light of all the circumstances surrounding my client, which I shall make every effort to ascertain and understand, give them the service which, had I been in the same circumstances, would have applied myself

Feel that you

#2 Know Your Business and Always a Student of Your Business

I’m a student of human nature
I study my scripts, develop questions, seek data to support my case

#3 Praise Your Competitors

I thank Primerica, I thank WFG…I thank ART Williams!

I thank them for doing what they’re doing up until now! Will it get you business right away? No, but it at least gets you on first base

#4 Gain Social Proof

Have stories, testimonies of satisfied clients and partners around you. Smartphones and social media makes this so easy to do these days. Everyday you should be posting a picture, video or status updating on your daily activity as your document your journey as an entrepreneur.

#5 Look Your Best

Look Good, Feel Good…You Do Good…that’s ALL GOOD!

Show up Early

Do What You Say…come through with your smallest commitments