How to Get Out of Financial Trouble – Here’s my 7 Steps

Paycheck to paycheck was a luxury for me. I was lucky if my paycheck last 10 minutes before I was holding my breath for another 14 days to next payday. After I decided that enough was enough I’m extremely fortunate that I ran into a couple conversations that guided me up and out.

What sparked this blog post? Simple. It’s tax season and my wife and I were putting our records together when I came across some old file folders. What a trip down memory lane! I happened to pull out an old statement from Wells Fargo while I was serving in the Marine Corps in southern California. I was less than 18 months away from either re-enlisting or simply completing my contract.

Bottom line, I loved being a United State Marine…but being in a tough spot financially I seemed to never get ahead. No matter how hard I worked I had very little to show for and constantly finding myself in financial trouble.

Sure, my paycheck was predictable. Working for Uncle Sam and knowing our military pay scale did not seem to make anyone rich was my current reality. As much honor, dignity and sacrifice I put into my work it would never be enough to get out of the tough financial situation I was in. I had to do something out of the ordinary and apply what I learned in the Marine Corp to work for me financially.

I had to improvise, adapt and overcome. @MoneySmartGuy

If you’re going through a financial pit and stuck in tons of financial trouble. Here’s what I did in 7 steps to get out.

1) Kept bank records of all my setbacks, overdrafts, self-imposed bank fees due to bad financial management.

2) Kept all collection agency letters, threatening letters to sue and/place a lien against me.

3) Along with a deep desire to change my financial circumstances, CREATE a financial battle plan to take action.

4) Realize that most people around me were OK with being broke, settling for “good enough” and no real desire to move up and out of their financial situation. Yep, I cut em off and their whispers of coming back down to “reality”.

5) Found patience and learned to forgive myself…but took 100% responsibility for every action I did from here on out.

6) With consistency and commitment to this plan over an extended period of time…I began to overcome! Celebrated my small victories and learned to recognize opportunity when it looks me in the FACE. (i.e. this is where I fell in LOVE with entrepreneurship, capitalism and free enterprise)

6) Gathered all my documents from steps 1 & 2 … and LIT IT ON FREaKING FIRE as I screamed FREEEEDOOOOOM! Get sum baby!!! (Make sure someone gets video of this)


7) If some records do end up surviving your financial bonfire…take a picture of these survivors , share it and pay it FWD.

Share with others your experience of what financial freedom can, will and FEEL like!!