How To Get Rich?

Getting rich is as much a mental game as it is an action game. You absolutely need to learn how to manage money so that you can allocate it in a way such that it can bring in more money for you. This requires a lot of thinking and shifts in attitude that will, in turn, influence your actions.

It might sound completely counter-intuitive but if you want to get rich, stay broke. Obviously, this doesn’t mean what you think it means. People who are rich and successful today mostly started their business or company when they were broke. They had no money and yet they had the guts to establish something to reach their goals. So, it all really boils down to tenacity.

The other thing to keep in mind is how you actually react when money starts flowing in your life. When someone starts earning a significant amount of money, it is very easy to give in to your desires in the initial phases. You may want to go out and get a better apartment, you may want to buy new furniture, you may want to eat better and costlier food and you may even want to get a nicer car.

But you need to have the discipline to not give in to these desires. At least not in the initial phases. The reason is quite simple. When money starts to flow, it is your first real opportunity to take steps to multiply it. The more you have the more you can multiply it. If you keep spending it, you will obviously not have enough to grow it and it can be quite easy to fall into the trap of worldly desires that know no bounds.

For instance, if you start making ten thousand dollars a month, instead of spending it, you could go out and hire someone and pay them five thousand dollars a month. Then there are two of you who can start working to reach that level of ten thousand dollars again. When you again reach it, you can take another five thousand dollars out and hire someone else. Now you have three people to try and reach that ten thousand dollar mark.

The lesson here is to keep investing in yourself as well as your business. What this essentially does is, it keeps you broke in a way, even though you are making a lot of money. This will allow you to scale and grow much faster than it would normally take.

Usually, what happens is, people are broke for so long that when they start making a little money, they want to hold on to it. The scarcity mindset starts playing its tricks. In reality, money is a tool. If you don’t use it, it’s useless. This is just common sense and it just might make you rich and help you achieve all your dreams. As stated earlier, becoming rich is also a mind game and you better get good at it.