How to Give Gifts With Giftology’s John Ruhlin

Today’s topic is about giving gifts to the people who are already multimillionaires and the ways you can integrate it into your business as a marketing strategy. In this read, I am going to share with the findings of an interview session with John Ruhlin of Giftology; who has been doing it “effectively” for quite a long time now.

Before we move forward I would like to mention that our current CEO “Patrick Pet David” has been doing a phenomenal job of integrating thoughtful gift-giving into his marketing strategy.

Why should I integrate gift-giving into my marketing strategy? 

So let’s now jump right into it.

With the holidays coming up people are now looking at some gift-giving. But let me tell you what, the ironic part is that everybody gets generous on Holidays. Like for me, when the clients hire my agency to do gifting – I don’t allow them to send gifts on holidays of November and December. Why? Well, here’s a reason. While dealing with gifts to millionaires, at this time, their table is already stuffed with so many annoying things like Candy, nuts, vines, golf stuff and so many more…

So, here is a thing, if you want to integrate gifting into your marketing strategy – you should do it off the season like if at some time of the year you got a record-breaking sale that is probably the best time to offer gifts to your customers.

So you have to do it when nobody else is doing it to have some worth. So if you do it in February or you do it in April, the clients would be surprised and delighted. The gifts are expected on holidays.

So in the same run, if you offer your wife a gift on Valentines and Birthdays – it would just put you on equal line and they’d be just comparing. In contrast, if you give some flowers on random Tuesday that would be much more “Effective” than other expected days. Hence the timing of the gift is as important as the value of the gift.

It is without a doubt that businesses are based on relationships. And if relationship matters, how do you invest in the relationship? I mean how would you show gratitude and affection in there? It’s simple – by gift-giving. This strategy is not a new one, it takes its marks to centuries back when kings offer precious things to other kings just to show value in a relationship.

Gift-Giving As The Language of Love:

In a relationship everything matters, I mean physical attention, words of affirmation, quality time but this gift-giving is a more thoughtful process and is the reason it matters the most. So there is no other thought about gift-giving as a language of love.

Everyone wants to be loved no matter if you’re a millionaire. As a fact, millionaires sometimes require even more love and respect because at that time you’re in that Irony tower. Everyone thinks you’ve got everything, everything thinks you don’t need anything…

Why Gift-Giving is an Effective Way of Marketing?

We are living at the age where everything is digital and even the marketing is digital. These days everything is digital, there is a digital strategy, facebook strategy, video strategy, and ecard sort of things. But as a human being, we are still carving for something that’s tangible and when you receive a gift, it’s obvious that you’d be more excited to open it instead of receiving a dull marketing email.

Relationships are not automated so even if you send gifts from Amazon won’t be having much impact as compared with a cheap thing customized with your name or identity on there.

Another trick that I play on guys like millionaires is that I focus on their inner circles like their wife, secretary, pets, kids, or even a gatekeeper. So if I give your wife a gift which she loves so that’s game over for you. This trick works by creating deep relationships.

The other thing that matters is the type of gift you choose. Like if you choose a way too expensive and don’t mean anything for the receiver; you’re throwing your money away in the garbage. You should be giving such a gift that if the house is caught on fire – the person or receiver should be picking it up while fleeing from the house.

Logos on Gifts?

Here is another thing that ruins your gifts – putting a big dull logo on it to seek some advertising value. Well the receiver, if you put a big logo on it, doesn’t take care of your company instead of other things matter for him. The trick here is that make that gift personal by putting their name on it instead of your logo. Hence, put your spotlight on the recipient of the gift instead of the receiver because they would put that spotlight on you with much more intensity and affection.

Millions of dollars are being spent on such cheap advertising gifts that are thrown in the garbage bin. That money spent has a negative impression on the receiver and the most important relationships.

 What Should I Give as a Gift? 

That’s the primary question you would ask when the word “gift” hits your mind. The simple answer is that you should give such a gift that is thoughtful and practical – that has some usefulness and functionality in terms of the life of the recipient. Here another misconception is that more the quantity, the more the value. But it’s quite opposite – you should look to give gifts that have good quality so even if they are less in numbers – they can blow away with their quality. So try to give something the recipient is bound to use it for quite a long time and that would remind him of the relationship.

As a trick what I’ve worked on is that I try to focus on kitchen-ery items just because the items are used 365 days a year and compared with other stuff like some gulf stuff or something that is only used a few dozen times.



Which brings me to my last question, what has been your best practices in giving gifts? Please share your experiences on my YouTube Channel and let’s keep the conversation going!