How to Raise Your Identity to Become a Millionaire

Often times people come from humble backgrounds. They come from a place where they have no money or have bad credit or some other drama going on in their lives. But it is always possible to change your situation. It is always possible to change yourself and your destiny. If you want to recreate your identity and be successful in life, there is something profound that you need to consider.

The beginning stages of recreating your identity starts with asking the right questions. If you are not asking yourself the right questions, you are going to stay in the same place. It’s not about reading a quote or an audio CD. It’s not about any of that stuff. It’s about you going out there and asking yourself the right question.

This whole thing about becoming a wealthy person or joining the seven-figure squad or even doing anything massive with your life starts with you asking yourself better questions of yourself. Then when you ask better questions, you could begin fathoming what drives you or what motivates you in life. You could ask yourself if it is a competition, a particular dream, a cause or correcting an injustice or proving a point to someone.

Once you know what moves you, you can take the necessary steps to put yourself in the position to create a new identity for yourself. You also might need somebody else to push you a little bit so that you can get that initial jolt of motivation that seems to be lacking from most people in the world.

Maybe you need somebody to challenge you or stretch your vision so that you can reach your full potential or get a larger picture of life. Maybe you need to be around people who make you think bigger. If you take care of all that, you have a shot at reinventing yourself. But at the beginning stages of everything, is you asking the right questions.

On a flight back from Chicago years ago, maybe twelve years ago, I took out one of those yellow pants and I went through a series of questions like, “Why does this bother you? What happened here? What did your mom say? What did your dad say growing up? What’s still with you and what’s still hurting you from your relationships? What is holding you back in life?”

It was a really emotional and defining moment for me because I had five and a half hours of asking myself questions. I had amazing breakthroughs. In fact, my entire life’s breakthroughs, all stem from the questions I asked myself. If you ask the right questions, it could change your life as well.