How to React When You Hit Rock Bottom



Patrick: So, you guys started a business together?

Sheena: Yeah. He was in the business already and he was established. I understand when couples are in business and working together, it is so important that you build your identity separate. So, I would go in there and just try and do my own thing just to see if I could do it without depending on anything from him.

And I learned a lot about it and at that point right when we were getting it going, we were starting to work together, the worst happened. We got everything taken away from us. I didn’t agree with it, I didn’t like it. I remember being so crippled by what happened to us. I didn’t understand it but one thing I trusted was nothing happens without a reason. There’s a purpose for it.

When we had that fateful meeting, and when we got home, and once it sank in that what are we gonna do…? They just took away everything that we worked for. It caught us off guard and it took the rug right out from our feet. And I was so angry as I earned that stuff and that was ours and I was devastated as I was looking on one end about how we were going to look after our son and our family. How are we going to do all these things?

I couldn’t even take the pain. It was so dreadful. That pain hurt so bad that you literally feel like you have lost all hope. And I was going through it for three days straight. I remember him on the phone and he would be calling and calling and calling and every conversation he had, I was like, “No, that’s not it.”, as I knew that the next decision that we made was so critical.

And then, I remember I just couldn’t take the pain and I went to the bathroom, got down on my knees and said, “Lord, I’m gonna trust you on this one. It hurts really bad. I am trying to trust you. I just need you to give me some relief in my heart and just tell me that there is a sign and you are pushing us towards a bigger purpose. Please, just give me a sign.

And I’m not lying when I say this, literally two minutes later you called him. And it wasn’t just you calling him. It was the conversation you had. It was the culture we were looking for, the environment, the people, everything, was it. And the mission, the crusade, everything was aligned.

The biggest game-changer was you actually wanted my opinion on something. Before it was all about Matt and it was no opinion for me and I was just there to stand next to him. But you said that my voice mattered and then you had Jennifer call. And I was like, “Wait a minute, you are an actual couple that works on this.” That’s it, it’s over. You give us an opportunity and we’re going to make you pay for what you did.