How to Recover in Business like a Pro Athlete Pt 1 | EntrepAthlete EP2

A large part of this mindset of “entrepathlete” where you combine business and sports and treating business as an athlete is about recovery. That’s because, athletes, as much as they workout in the game, there is a lot of time off-camera where they have to recover. And so, I may not be a physical or professional athlete, but in the game of business (and many entrepreneurs know this), it is all mental and emotional. This creates stress on your body.

When you’re trying to put all the dots together, trying to lift up your company, negotiating with people, looking to hire the right people, trying to set up the right systems, it all takes a toll on your physical bodies as well. It’s natural. As an entrepreneur, it can feel like being in a lot of places at once and that is sure to have its effects.

So, my solution for x is that I want to live my life in such a way that I focus not only on my wealth but also on my health. Because it makes no sense to gain all this wealth and you lose your health along the way. And then you have to spend a lot of your wealth to regain your health. Of course, this just doesn’t make any sense. The solution is to do both.

One of the ways I do this is by taking cryotherapy sessions. It is insanely beneficial for the body. It helps you avoid some forms of arthritis, muscle pain, inflammation, delayed onset of muscle soreness from being at the gym, degenerative diseases of joints and spine, inflammation of tendons, and so on. It also helps towards faster recovery from injury. And this is just the start of the list.

Often times as an entrepreneur, you get knocked down, you get rejected as people say no, then there’s that mental fatigue, phone call reluctancy, not being able to say what you want to say to somebody, failed negotiations, and more. But despite all of this, you have to find a way to recover mentally and emotionally. And you also have to understand that this is just part of the game.

So, how do you recover? There are some great tips regarding this. The first is who are you talking to. If you have a mentor, a coach, you should talk to them about things that are troubling you or to strategize how you’re going to deal with the problems ahead of you.

The second way is to analyze your numbers. It involves going through the details of the business to discover the leaks and areas of improvement. You could say that this is like dealing with the “inflammations” of the business. Doing so allows you to take advantage of more opportunities when you come back from recovery.