How to Regain Financial Control

Do you feel like you’re making decent money but still losing financial control? In this day and age, it’s not uncommon to be living paycheck to paycheck. In fact, according to a Well Fargo Survey of Middle Class Families, most people are expecting to “save later”

Little to No Financial Control

Here’s a couple tidbits gathered by simply observing what the media have reported about the shocking state of the financial picture of Middle Class families.

Well Fargo Survey – Retirement Not Happening for the Middle Class  – crazy part here was reading that some between 50-56 years old not saving ANYTHING for retirement

Money – People Plan to Work Until They Die – I totally understand this from a high level. I plan to do the same as well. However, it’s one thing to HAVE to work through your retirement years for income…it’s another thing to work because you want to. Get my drift?

7 Things The Middle Class Can’t Afford Anymore – vacations, new cars, quality medical care, dental care, building emergency savings…is a Middle Class no-go. Especially when credit cards are not used.

Middle Class Income Can’t Buy the Average Home in Most Big Cities – with an average household income of $51k/year, is below the income necessary to qualify for a mortgage to purchase a home. The great divide between the have and have nots continue to widen.

If you know someone that is attempting to save $100-900/mth for retirement, depending on their age…the reality is they probably will never to get to the ideal sum of money to be in retirement or become financially independent on their own.

Bottom line, most cannot SAVE their way towards retirement.

So where does financial control and peace of mind come from for the average Middle Class person? What system(s) do you have to learn to REALLY own your financial life?



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