How to Sell Without Feeling Anxious

There’s no such thing as a born salesperson. Great salespeople make it look easy, but that’s because they have taken the time to hone their skills and constantly better themselves.

Whether you’re a rookie or looking to get the basics, these Five Shifts in mindsets will help you alleviate anxiety and attract more business to live your best life.

Tip Number 1: Everything Is Sales. You’re already doing everything that naturally involves some form of sales. You probably don’t even think about how many times a day you sell. You sell yourself on having a good day or having a horrible day. You need to sell yourself to get a date, right? Then when you’re on that date, you gotta sell yourself to be convincing enough to get on a second date, right? Think about it, everything is sales…

So when it comes to sales, you really don’t have to learn anything new. ‘Cause you’re whole entire life, either somebody has sold you or you’ve been selling and somebody else bought.’ Everything is sales.

Tip Number 2: Preparation. You have to be confident in what you know, and at the same time, you’ve got to be confident to stay up to date with what changes. Here are Four Key Areas in which we prepare our guys.

1.) – Scripts. Inside those scripts, there are key words and buzz words that trigger emotions on other people that causes them to want to buy.

2.) – Role Play. When you sell, are you educating? Is your customer clear in what they’re buying?

3.) – Target Market. Is the people that you’re going after a natural fit for your product or service? On a hot day, are you there to sell them water or coffee?

4.) Who actually are you talking to? Are you gathering enough information on that person?

So instead of seeing everybody doing their pitch, you should be there as a trusted resource, a confidant, and an advisor.

Tip Number 3: It’s a Numbers Game. Listen, you can’t get caught up on the result of every conversation and every phone call you do. What you have to get obsessed about is the repetition for success. Over and over and over and over again…. Most people won’t do this, so naturally you’ll stick out.

Tip Number 4: Smile, laugh, & Use Humor. The fact that you and your prospect can both laugh at something will breed natural approval between the two of you. You open yourself up to be likable and potentially be trusted.

Tip Number 5: Go on a Sales Call With a Mentor. If you’re starting something new or taking your skill from one field to the field of sales, you’ve got to understand that ego is your enemy. As good as you think you are, you know what I found out? Most are not. At the same time, and as bad as you think you are, you’re not. I remember transitioning from the Marine Corps into sales, I learned a ton from a person named Carlton who was a retired Master sergeant. When I first got started, I literally saw him do dozens of presentations. I remember sitting at a presentation not only jotting down notes, but knowing when he’s going to say a joke, when he’s going to weave in a story about a particular point. Humble yourself to work with a proven mentor, it will save you years of frustration, and help you get to your goals much faster.

Starting with the right mindset is an exceptionally important first step in becoming an effective salesperson. Find your own fundamental connections with your customers and product and set yourself apart from the pack. If you have any techniques that make you stand out from the rest, please share them on my YouTube Channel and let’s keep the conversation going.