How to Set Goals | Living Money Smart a Vetrepreneur VLOG EP24

We all know that there is a common question that’s thrown around. What is it? How to Set Goals! Here’s episode 24 of Living Money Smart, a Vetrepreneur VLOG.

How to Set Goals – Look at How It’s Paying Off for Us

We all know that there is a common phrase that’s thrown around. What is it? GOAL SETTING!

This was a very special episode for me as we promoted over six Marketing Directors out of the PHP agency’s Oakbrook office all through the power of goal setting. Most importantly, taking action towards those goals!

It was a hard fought battle for these warriors, as the PHP Agency was running a promotion incentive through the months of September to November! Very excited for these new entrepreneurs, now officially running their own small agency!

I’m out to San Diego (San Dawg for you Devil dogs) to work with our agents leading that office! This included me working with Everlynne Lleva, the first-single Filipina to be promoted to Marketing Director in the history of the PHP Agency, and Brandon Cortez who replaced six months of income (as a server) in just one month (as an entrepreneur)!

(Talk about toes in the sand!)

Then I fly up to San Jose, CA. This is my first time out in Silicon Valley visiting Edgar Diaz and Iris Avelar, in a suburb called Gilroy, CA. Of course we stopped by the Google Headquarters, called the Googleplex. Did you hear about Google discontinuing their free bikes for employees?!

I think we had something to do with it! Hahaha…absolutely not.

As social media becomes bigger the world becomes smaller. Funny out that works huh? That’s exactly how I was connected with Edgar and Iris, who eventual flew out to Oakbrook, shadowed our office, and next thing you know are official Marketing Directors! Remember them in episode 11?

Introducing…El Bachatero! What, I didn’t tell you I was half Spanish?! (Well, I’m not. 100% thoroughbred Filipino, yo!)

You work hard you play hard! It was off to the Dominican Republic to celebrate the wedding of our good friends Kehinde and Elli Thomas.

The New Year is upon us! Goals are important so I share the 3×3 method of how to set goals. Set the bar high and chase after the type of goals that fire you up in the morning!

1:28 MD Promotions Wendy Thompson

1:35 Maurice & Tory Hansbury

2:01 Everlynne Lleva

2:35 Bianca Rist

2:46 Sierra Sherrod

2:55 Juan Maldonado

3:05 Rubiel Gonzalez

3:24 Edgar & Iris

3:40 4:06 Devil Dog back to San Dawg!

5:03 The Eagle Has Landed

5:24 Chris Richardson Makes a Change

6:03 Bike Rides in San Jose

7:19 Social Media brings you closer to the world

8:02 El Bachatero in the Dominican

8:41 3×3 Goal Setting Formula – here’s more of a breakdown on this Goal Setting Formula, click here.