How to Set Goals: Our Goal-Setting Formula to Making 7 Figures in 3 Years

7 figure income eh? Yep, I once thought that was impossible. Shoot, making 6 figures seemed like a lifetime away. Here’s how to set goals to rapidly increasing your income.

Bottom line, entrepreneurship + the life insurance industry has been great to me after doing 8 years in the U.S. Marine Corps.

Combine that with a great mentor, like Patrick Bet-David, host of Valuetainment and CEO/Founder of PHP Agency, getcha popcorn ready!

Life has never been the same since January 2015.

Once as a single father, I needed to find a way to make a living with freedom of time, schedule and high income. I didn’t find the life insurance industry, nor entrepreneurship. It found me.

Then I met Sheena. She was a single mother, too, making six-figures as a sales rep for Stryker selling hospital beds.

While we were dating, we always talked about our goals and what we saw in our future. Our conversations took hours and taking about how to set goals just jacked us up.

Goal Setting Results: Watch episode 24 of Living Money Smart to see this manifest in our company

How to Set Goals – 3X3 Formula to Helping Us Make Seven Figures in 3 Years

What I observed upon entering this next step in my life is that people were making 6 figures like minimum wage. You would feel very uncomfortable not making $10-15k a month.

And that was for starters.

Making a 7 figure income was a huge goal for me. And within 3 years of mentoring and working alongside PBD (Patrick Bet-David) my wife and I accomplished just that.

7-freaking-figure-income. Holy moly. Cash-flow millionaire.

Taking a break from our 3rd annual Million Point Roundtable Retreat in Lake Tahoe, I jump out on the outdoor patio of this $25M lodge we’re staying at to share our 3×3 Goal Setting Formula.

Don’t expect things to happen overnight. Be patient, yet disciplined with yourself. It wasn’t talent and smarts that got us to where we are. It was a goal set in from of us, a daily work ethic and competing at all times.

Let me know what you takeaway from this video, in the comments below, and I just may include you in our next video!