How to Treat Your Business | Living Money Smart a Vetrepreneur VLOG EP29

How to TREAT your business (like a business…hello!). I find it odd that some many entrepreneurs worked harder for their BOSS at their former job, than they do for themselves.

And yet, they expect their business to take them to the “Financial Promised Land”.

If you were to look at your calendar, your activity and your ability to follow through, would you hire YOU to take your company to the next level?

Would you really?

Your team, your business and your dreams need you to pull it’s weight. Is your business a hobby, a job, your baby? It exposes how your commitments in business greatly determines your results.

You can either be your best boss, or your worst employee. Anyone can pay $500 for some legal documents to own their brand and say they’re a CEO.

Learning is never done. Becoming financial free and independent for your family will demand the best from you!

Huge thx to Titan FC champion and MMA fighter Jose “Shorty” Torres​ for dropping by our office. He just won his latest title defense…with a first round KO less than a week ago!

Check out the 5 ways people treat their business…

Here’s EP29 of LivingMoneySmart a Vetrepreneur VLOG!

00:00 One Thing I’ve always found facinating

1:00 Where the victory of success matters most

1:32 The first way you can treat your business

2:20 Second way you can treat your business

2:52 Third way you can treat your business

3:17 Fourth away you can treat your business

3:43 Fifth way you can treat your business that will make a difference

4:19 What most people don’t see in a successful person

4:58 Shorty Torres: Whats the real work behind a successful win

5:56 One Thing you should never do