How to Use Life Insurance in a Recession to Protect Your Money | Douglas Andrew LASER Fund

As we’re passing by these extraordinary times of COVID-19 crises, a lot of people out there are figuring how to use life insurance in a recession to protect your money. Well, to discuss this, I’ve invited one of my mentors who have taught me how to use insurance not only for the good times but also for the bad times.  He is Douglas Andrew, the New York Times bestselling author for the book “A Start Kit to becoming a Millionaire – Missed Fortune – 101”. Anyhow, in this episode, we’ll be discussing the book called “The LASER Fund

So, I connected with him after reading his book in an attempt to become a millionaire through team training and coaches. I started off with the initial confusion that I had back in 2004 to 2005 as there’s a correlation between mortgages or real estate and insurance.

There’s a backdrop that I believe and I was wondering why was the real estate community so strong magic industry? Andrew told us that his book was actually only 25% of what the real estate industry is.

Here’s what he explained about his experience in the real estate industry: “I’ve always taught my clients how to manage their real estate equity and sometimes their only piece of real estate is their own home.