I’m Not Waiting – Best Motivational Video for the New Normal of the Pandemic

I woke up waiting. We all are. Waiting for that check to come in. Waiting to see loved ones. Waiting to get back to work. Waiting to make sense of the world standing still. Waiting for life to start up again. I am not okay waiting!

I am not okay being told what to do. I am not okay feeling that I am isolated and powerless. Not at a time when you can do anything, talk to anyone, and still be who you always wanted to be. Not when it is the perfect time to reinvent ourselves. Each day still has 24 hours. Still full of moments that can change everything. When you have nothing, imagine what you can do and who you could be.

We have to keep moving forward. We need to tell ourselves that this is the new beginning, that this is the new normal. We need to inspire others to know that they could do it as well. We live in a time where you can work from anywhere, where you can still make the life you always wanted. Do it for your future. And the next generations to come.

It only takes one person in a family’s bloodline, to build a name that is remembered forever. Do you have what it takes to be that person? The fact of the matter is, everyone has the potential to be that person. We tend to cage up that potential and layer it up with a hundred excuses. Only if we could unchain the full potential, we could do anything we wanted to. No obstacle could stand in our way. Not even a pandemic that has made the entire world pause.

Think about all the great men and women in history who went on to achieve great things. Think about all those people who made great stuff that changed the face of humanity itself. Learn how they overcame the countless challenges in their way and achieved what they always wanted. It is possible. It is always possible. Don’t make yourself think otherwise even for a second. You would be doing yourself a great disservice.

As the old saying goes, the world is your oyster. And your life is what you make it. How do you want to be known to your future generations? Do you want to be remembered as a winner? Then you need to start today. There is always so much you can do. Paths you can take and decisions you can make to take you to victory. You need to get out of your comfort bubble and embrace your destiny.

Do it for your dreams, do it for your loved ones, do it for your future generations. You owe it to all of them. You owe it to yourself. Unleash the beast within and let it march on unbridled. You will make it. We will all make it.