Improve Your Situation | Living Money Smart a Vetrepreneur VLOG EP19

Always look to improve your situation.Never settle. Jo Koy opens up episode 19 while performing over 13 sold out shows at the Chicago Improv. He’s been working his craft for over 20+ years.

While at the White House a couple years ago, I had a chance to interview Jo Koy and dig up the truth behind his comedy career. He shares some pretty interesting nuggets every entrepreneur can learn from.

Meanwhile watch his advice on Living Money Smart during the opening of this VLOG. I’m sure many Filipino mothers will agree!

Always Improve Your Situation – either you’re growing or your dying

I travel to Los Angeles to speak to team Unity and founder of Your Financial Guys, Jorge Pelayo. He started his entrepreneurial journey at 18 years old. Today he’s 31 and amongst the best of the best at the fastest growing financial marketing organization in the US – PHP Agency, Inc.

He was a server at Red Lobster, helped run the family business and today, commands a solid mid-six figure income with offices in multiple states. His secret? Always improve your situation. Either you’re growing or dying.

Also, Patrick Bet-David flies in on a private jet to consult with new entrepreneurs rising up in Oakbrook. Many of the local entrepreneurs I’ve been able to direct coach and mentor now get direct access to my mentor. What an honor to have him take time and invest resources into my business. One thing for sure, Patrick is always looking to improve his situation.

My competition makes it easy on me. (Yes, I know you read my blog and watch my videos.) They get to a certain point, then stop. They say, “I’m good! I’m comfortable! What else do I need?”

Keep it up! You make it too easy to eventually run circles around you. All I do is apply the military principles I’ve learned in the Marine Corps. Work ethic, focus and tenacity is something that I’ve been able to hone in combat and something a typical civilian will never comprehend.

I’m NEVER good. I’m always looking to improve my situation.

“Don’t fix what isn’t broken” is for those bought into mediocrity. I want to be world class. I’m after Mount Rushmore. I’m just entering the prime of my business career and figuring out what I’m doing.