Improvement, Teamwork & Recruiting – Living Money Smart a Veteran Entrepreneur VLOG EP3


Constant and never ending improvement, teamwork and recruiting unveils in episode 3 of Living Money Smart. It takes you into a Fast Start School debrief with Matt Sapaula’s team. Surrounded by fellow Marketing Directors of PHP Agency Inc. Matt’s wife Sheena Sapaula leads a meeting to further enhance standards and overall experience for new entrepreneurs that qualify for their monthly Fast Start School.



Also, Matt utilizes the “Match Up” system to help part-time entrepreneurs leverage their trainers. This helps create new business development opportunities or conduct recruiting interviews for candidates that make a mutual fit for their business.

Teamwork makes the dreamwork! At PHP Agency, Inc one is in business for themselves, but not by themselves. As you can see, Matt leads a system and culture that is making PHP Agency Inc the fastest growing financial marketing organization in America and capturing the attention of their competitors and suitors.