InsuranceNewsNet feature: Turning Non-Agents into Super Sellers

InsuranceNewsNet feature – how is PHP Agency turning non-agents into super sellers? Especially with no insurance, business or financial background, into productive agents and entrepreneurial agency builders? Here is PHP Agency’s CEO/Founder Patrick Bet-David interviewed on the #1 trade magazine for life, health insurance and annuity agents.

Matt Sapaula is featured in InsuranceNewsNet magazine along with Patrick Bet David for tuning non agents into super sellers.

Patrick Bet-David interview along with Matt and Sheena Sapaula, Rodolfo and Cecy Vargas – InsuranceNewsNet June 2018


Call it what you want. Recruiting, or networking marketing or MLM. At this point, it’s semantics. What or why does it matter?

Bottom line…it’s working.

It’s growing!

Ask any CEO of a life insurance company, “which model is exploding to grow a new sales force?”

They would politely reply in some way or another, an “agency-building, network marketing style of system and/or culture”.

Gone are the days of recruiting and building “traditional” agents. What’s with the 6 long interview anyway? And gone are the days with months of training on salary and benefits.

The writing seems to be well written on the wall. The traditional model has been dying for some time.

Remember the interview I did with Ryan Hanley of Agency Nation? Recruiting the Next Generation of Insurance Agents. (I look forward to speaking at the Elevate 2018 conference at the end of June…WOOOOOO! Tickets HAVE BEEN SOLD OUT!!!)

PHP Agency and Patrick Bet-David interviewed by InsuranceNewsNet, the #1 trade publication for life/health insurance & annuity agents

Keep in mind…ALL TRUTH passes through 3 stages:

  1. You’re Ridiculed
  2. You’re Violently or Brutally Opposed
  3. Accepted as Self-Evident, Vindicated

PHP Agency and Patrick Bet-David interview with Insurance News Net magazine, May and June 2018.

So….what would be the meaning of being featured TWO months in a row within InsuranceNewsNet magazine say? Haters and trolls…this one is especially for you. ?

For your reading pleasure, full article is here.