It’s Difficult by Matt Sapaula (George Floyd Response)

It is difficult for me to see a man that shouted “I can’t breathe” only to get ignored as he was murdered. It is difficult for me to know that a man jogging can be gunned down and slaughtered. It is so difficult to see the people that I love so scared and anxious and heartbroken. It is extremely difficult for me to see our burning cities and destroyed businesses at the moment.

It is difficult to see my friends and family that I love raging with anger. Systemic racism pierces through us as we all point fingers. It is difficult for me to accept that society still judges my partners, my best of friends by the color of their skin. My own kids being black, white, Filipino, Latino, to raise them in this world successfully, where do I begin?

It is difficult for me to think that it’s not safe just to be us, that the mentality of some people to still say, “To the back of the bus”. It’s difficult to know that the country I love and fought for is so divisive in ripping away at the core. My military brothers and sisters, veterans alike are saying and asking, “Really? Is this what we fought for?”

It is difficult to know that right now in this fight for justice, the adversary has a gun and we only have a knife. One thing is for sure – this is not how I’m going to be living my life. Entrepreneurs, influencers, activists, and leaders, let’s come together and let’s figure this thing out. Collectively with our love, compassion, capacity, and clout.

It will not be easy to mobilize and organize a community but we must stay diligent on our feet. The day will come when we will put our knee on the neck of racism and its last words will be, “I can’t breathe.”

Rest in peace, George Floyd.