Keep the Trophies! How We Recognize and Reward Our Top Performers

So, I remember many times in the military when I worked really really hard but somebody else got the promotion or somebody else got an award or somebody got the ribbon or the badge. It was they who got recognized for their efforts and I didn’t.

I remember telling myself during those times that if I ever go into business for myself, I am going to make sure that if I work really really hard if I do the work and do what I’m supposed to do and go above and beyond everybody else, I want to get the recognition and I want to get the award. So, when I created a company that’s what we translated that into.

The month of December is usually a month where a lot of people aren’t saving money and aren’t worried about their personal finance as they should be. They are usually out there blowing it but we had our guys focused. We told them that if they go out there, you build your business, you build your clientele, you do what you are supposed to be doing and you go against the grain, we are going to handsomely reward you.

That’s exactly what Angel and Misty Pagan just did in the month of December. We usually label December as a dangerous month because people can be dangerously out of focus as it relates to building their business. There are people getting distracted with so many in their personal lives. They have to shop for the holidays, then there is black Friday, there is Thanksgiving, there is Christmas and then New Year. But these guys stayed focus in the month of December.

So, we wanted to reward them. In our office, if somebody went above and beyond their peers, we rewarded them here at a special spot in Wicker Park which is a subdivision directly west of downtown Chicago. It is a very, very nice area, right off the division. It is really quite a beautiful area. Even the amenities are really great. We also had a private chef cooking steak, potatoes, broccoli, desserts, and some artichoke. We even finished it all off with cigars & whiskey.

We just wanted to make sure that we recognize them for their incredible efforts. We really thank them for their efforts. As our CEO has always said, “If you don’t work hard to take care of your people, somebody else will.” When you are building a company off the ground and creating a company culture, the way you treat your people will be paramount in the process. It can literally make or break your company.

If you reward your people for their effort, keep motivating them to do their best, you will reap huge rewards as well. You just have to remember that each person is motivated in a different way. You have to figure out what motivates each person and work your way accordingly.