Kobe Bryant Call Out: 10 Things I Learned from The Black Mamba

Kobe Bryant Call Out: 10 Things I Learned from The Black Mamba.

Kobe’s work ethics, winning championships, sizing up the competition, relates well to our multi-million dollar aspirations. So, in this blog, I’m going to share with you the things I’ve learned from Kobe that can give your spirits a boost in joining the 7 figure squad.

We had invited Kobe Bryant at our annual convention commemorating our year anniversary as a company. Last year we had Kevin Hart and in addition to that, we also have this year President George Bush. Anyhow, let’s jump straight into the 10 things I learned from the Black Mamba – Kobe Bryant.

1. Big Thinker

Kobe Bryant was a big thinker. He just didn’t want to win one championship, he wanted to win multiples. Why? because that’s what you’re supposed to do.  

2. Played To His weaknesses

Kobe played and improved his weaknesses. Now Kobe understood what he wanted even at 13 years old. So he realized that there were many areas of his game that were very weak and he shored up those weaknesses. Then what happened is that he had a progression over some time and thus he was a different player at 17 years old versus 13. He realized, compared to his peers that they’re virtually the same player at 13 to 17 and he says now they’ve got a problem…

3. Studied The Greats

The next thing I love about him is that he studied the greats. He was tipped off about a sensor Media Center in New Jersey where he can pick out any player and watch videos on them. So in a conversation with Michael Jordan, when he was 18 years old, there for the first time he played with him. One of the things he asked Michael Jordan was “how do you do your turnaround jump shot”. I think that’s why a lot of times people make a comparison between Kobe Michael because Kobe modeled Michael and his approach to the game as well as many other greats.

4. Respected, Not Intimidated By Big Names

Kobe had the opportunity in high school to shoot around and get to know the Philadelphia 76ers a lot of NBA players related to Michael Jordan. He has this level of maturity at 18 years old to look at another player, respecting them but not being intimidated by them. So, if you look at business the same way that you’re not intimidated by the big names but you just respect them to show that you want to fight, you want to compete and at the same time, you’re willing to get better. Why? Because they’re at a position you want to get to as well it’s only a matter of time.

5. Played For Championships, Not Financial Security

On the even, Pat Rick asked Kobe “How did you size players up? Was it harder to size players up at the NBA level because everybody’s talented? Was it easy to size people up when you’re in high score even then looking at the collegiate players?”

He said, “It’s easier to size players up an NBA level because everybody was playing for financial security. It’s like these guys were in the league but not committed to winning championships. They just wanted to get a paycheck” and this thing separates himself from a lot of folks because he was in there just to click the page because that’s already part of the territory you made it to the league you’re getting paid but Kobe wanted to win championships.

6. Hold People Around You, Accountable

Kobe would went go on and say “listen Shaq our biggest area of conflict is, you don’t work to stay in shape and if you had stayed in shape we would’ve won 12 Championships; by far you have been the goat, because you’re the biggest, nastiest, and monster type player I’ve ever seen or has been in the league. You had been the goat, easy if you would have stayed in shape”

The most talented and naturally gifted people aren’t usually the ones that win championships. How many times the people just give up on the goals and dreams just to be comfortable. Just because they don’t want to stretch themselves to next level, just because they want to take that faith to discover that next best version of themselves versus them just wanting to protect their ego or protect their fear of failure words that step and fade that challenging of them to get to the next level.

7. Only Relate With Other Obsessors

You know what, before Kobe went on stage, I had a quick conversation with him backstage and he said “how can you tell the obsessors? Say says “Dude I could smell it on them. I can smell when somebody is obsessed with their work, the craft, and the profession or deal. I can tell those obsessions, I relate with them, I do business with him, and I run with those types of guys – obsessors”.  Are you an obsessor? Are you obsessed with everything? about you joining the seven-figure squad are you obsessed?

8. Didn’t Take Vacations “Just because”

Patrick asked him a question about who he hung out with and who he vacation with? and Kobe said, “I’ve never been the type of player that just goes out, hangs out with other players and go on vacations just because it was a business vacation or if it was the travelers or for me there’s always some purpose to improve my skills some camp some training events there’s always a purpose behind and it wasn’t just because.”

He further added, “when I’d be finally retired and through that window of my playing career or my playing opportunity to maximize my time on this platform. I don’t want to look back from my chair of retirement to look back on my playing career so you know what I regret this; I regret wasting time here a great wasting time there.”

So you should be wise enough not to have that in your retirement years. You should think way ahead about what that life would have looked like so you won’t feel any regret.

 9. Anticipated Family Responsibilities, And Planned For Them

The next thing I learned from Kobe is that he has always anticipated family responsibilities. So, being a married man and having kids; of course, you have a busy schedule like he got weddings, anniversaries, birthdays. Therefore, whenever the season came out he just circled the dates that he’d be away from home and he knew to plan his travel accordingly. For example, if he was playing out of town but he needs to be back for a birthday or a family get-together or a holiday he flies right back and that same day or the next day he flies back to where he needs to play to be there for his NBA commitment.

Anyhow, it’s not like he missed out and there was always a work-life integration, there was always planning. Therefore, if you’re looking to say “how do I put this all together”, try to anticipate your schedule, look for it and have your calendar be your friend. You can’t just be reactive to your life or your schedule; you’ve to get further ahead by planning accordingly so you can be more confident when you’d be going through this type of situation and avoid a lot of conflicts and avoid a lot of arguments.  

10. Recruited You To Be The Best

The tenth thing I learned from Kobe is that he recruited you to be the best. For example, if he wanted you to be a part of Lakers or if you wanted to be the best so you could only be the part of his team if you wanted to be the best version of you.


Oftentimes people asked me “Can I make six figures? Can I make seven figures? Can I be a part of your seven-figure squad?”

Well, the bottom line is yes you can but the question is; are you willing to be the best version of you? Are you willing to discover that person? Are you willing to go through the process which many guys think it’s too painful?

For those who think it’s too painful, I would like to say it’s too painful to stay there where you are. Kobe wants to make sure that even at 13 years old I need to be better, I need to be better, I’m a crap year after year and if you’re part of his team he wanted you to be the best.

Kobe knew he wasn’t the strongest, fastest, quickest rather he knew he didn’t have the highest vertical leap but here’s what he did. He was always willing to outwork you, he has been documented and known and everybody Rana League knows how hard Kobe works and how he treated his body to make sure he’s prepared for the demands of the game.  

Imagine if he wouldn’t ever want to work hard where would be his legacy? Where would the Lakers franchise be? What could have happened if Kobe wanted to get soft?

Now translate these things and lessons to your business or to your life or even the way you make money. Imagine if you get soft, imagine if you ease up, and imagine that once you have momentum around your arms that you let the momentum go. So never let that happen.

I hope that you’d consider these points and lessons from one of the greatest basketball players of the game and how you can apply these towards your life and improve your chances of joining the seven-figure squad.