Kobe Bryant Tribute: Live an Urgent, Shot Clock Life Like Kobe Bryant l R.I.P. MAMBA 1978-2020

When you first heard the news of Kobe Bryant dying in a helicopter accident, you must not have believed it. But then you went online and looked at the different news sources all reporting the same thing and you finally realized that it’s not fake news. Many people couldn’t believe it and thought to themselves how this type of athlete, this type of legend, passed away in a crash. How could he have gone so soon?

Something like this is really tough to accept and understand. It’s a tough pill to swallow especially because it was a Sunday, the day of God. You probably started questioning God about how he could have let this happen. You probably felt confused as you questioned why bad things happen to good people all the time.

For many, it made them reflect on their relationships with their children and their loved ones. To imagine what was going on in his mind during those last moments. To imagine what his daughter might be thinking in those last moments. It’s really tough and sad.

It makes you understand that no matter what you do in life and what you accomplish, life will still affect you in ways that are out of your control. It also makes you think deeply about life and whether or not you have been living fully. It makes you realize that age is just a number, age is what you put into those years that you are alive.

Things like this provide you with an understanding of the reality of time. Tomorrow is not granted. Even the next 5 minutes are not granted. You have to evaluate your life and take some concrete actions. If the shot clock of your life is starting to run down right now and the window of life is starting to close, what are you doing about it right now? What are you doing about it today? What things have you gotten out of your life that aren’t right that you need to get right?

There is a saying, “If you haven’t forgiven the person you need to forgive, then forgive them now, quickly. Call them and forgive them. Let bygones be bygones. Also, whatever it is that you are afraid to do, just do it. Just get it done. Get it accomplished. Shove off into the land of uncertainty. And as you’re going through the grind, as you’re going through the process, you see this shot clock of life going down.

None of us know when the final moment is going to come. All that we know is that it will happen. You just have to make sure that you have the opportunity to live a full life between the year you were born and the year that put you into the ground. That life in-between must mean something to you. That’s all that really matters in the end.