Leasing Office Space Incites a Competitor to Call | Living Money Smart a Veteran Entrepreneur VLOG EP11

While leasing office space, a competitor calls Matt Sapaula. Finding him in major expansion mode, they discover that @MoneySmartGuy is on their third office move in 3 consecutive years.

Plus another competitor loses one of their key people from San Jose, CA to PHP Agency. More importantly, they get on a plane to fly into Chicago to train with Matt for several days.

Matt & Sheena Sapaula meet with Edgar Diaz and Iris Avelar at their headquarters in Oakbrook, IL.

What does this signify? More interesting conversations from competitors calling into Matt and Sheena’s offices. There are genuine inquires seeking to discover details about PHP Agency.

Many of these competitors are working very hard. Yet, they are not closed minded to see how PHP Agency is exploding in growth. PHP Agency has had nine consecutive quarters of beating their previous quarter, over 2 years in a row.

Leasing Office Space – what a PAIN!

Something tells me this experience of leasing office is going to end up in a future “how-to” video. I have just felt a deep distrust of the commercial real estate space. Everyone involved from the broker, the property manager, to the building owner…even to the attorneys. There’s just something uneasy and everyone has big eyeballs looking at me.

It just goes to show when you start making decent money everyone wants in your pockets! I’ll have to find out what I don’t know. Often times those that don’t know get skimmed somewhere. I just see these guys behind closed doors laughing at me knowing I’m a rookie in these negotiations.

Best part to know on my end, we have good personal and business credit and we pay our rent on time!

It’s all in episode 11 of Living Money Smart, a Veteran Entrepreneur VLOG!