Leasing Office Space, PHP Agency Oakbrook Expansion

Leasing office space can be a tricky process. What’s on my mind is looking to be frugal with costs and mindful of future expansion. PHP Agency Oakbrook continues to be in major growth phase!


Once again I go Facebook LIVE. This time I’m riding shotty alongside Richard Love. Along with my wife Sheena Sapaula, we drop by our new Oakbrook office space as we are in expansion. Exciting times ahead as we are weeks away from moving into a 5,200 sq ft office space.

PHP Agency Oakbrook and the MoneySmartMovement team is in constant growth mode! This is our 3rd new office space in the last 3 consecutive years.

Matt Sapaula is looking forward to expanding PHP Agency Oakbrook again

Leasing Office Space – 3 Things We’ve Learned

Here are some of my thoughts in leasing office space within a commercial building.

  1. Don’t Think Too Small – consider future expansion and who are the other tenants around you. If this any opportunity to take a vacant spot adjacent to your current office space? Will there be a current tenant that will be leaving soon?
  2. Be Clear About Usage – ensure that the landlord knows what you’re using the space for. What hours of operation will you be there? What will your noise level be? What will potentially disrupt a harmonious situation amongst the other tenants and the landlord?
  3. Actual Owner vs. a Real Estate Trust – are you dealing with the actual owner of the building? Are you dealing with a broker who represent a large real estate trust where they are more interested in the bottom line that your own business growing?