Make Money or Excuses | Living Money Smart a Vetrepreneur VLOG EP21

You can make money or excuses. You just simply cannot do both. Life will always throw curveballs your way. Plenty of distractions true entrepreneurs will have to process, overcome and still get the job done.

Make Money or Excuses, But You Cannot Do Both

Winners find a way to improvise, adapt and overcome. It’s about getting the job done. It’s about getting what YOU want instead of accepting what you don’t want.

Super proud of the Houston Astros winning their FIRST championship after fighting through a whole season and a national disaster dealing with Hurricane Harvey. What a symbolic victory for us to celebrate!

Here’s episode 21 of #LivingMoneySmart, a Veteran Entrepreneur VLOG. I visit Houston after Hurricane Harvey, get interviewed by a major publication and raise money for a local non-profit for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.