Making 100k a Year Income is No Big Deal

Making 100k a year income is no big deal anymore. If you have a family, raising kids, making $100k a year income is the new bare minimum wage. Just to make it in America and the cost of the American Dream, according to USA Today, is $130k a year income.

Sounds crazy, right? It sounded crazy to me coming from a zero background in business and at one point, horrible with my finances.

I didn’t (and still don’t) have a college degree and even if I did go that route for life after the Marine Corps, I didn’t have time to wait 3-4 years to finish. Like most, I needed to make money NOW.

Joining me this afternoon is Donna Milikian. She just earned $100k in just 3 months. Also, Tommy Clarke, who also crossed the $100k a year income mark.

A $100,000 salary is only $273/day.

$273/ day equates to $11/hr if you earn money 24 hrs/day.

If you’re only personally working 8 hours a day, how do you make money the other 16 hours?


You need a business that pays you while you sleep; leveraged residual income is what is needed.

There is nothing wrong with having a job to pay the bills, but it will rarely set you free financially as well as give you the time freedom we all long for to reinvest back into our family / friends.

You need a business that pays you 24 hours/ day, 365 days/year.

Time to work smarter, not harder.

Making 100k a Year Income is No Big Deal

2:00 Introducing Donna Melikian

2:30 Tommy Clarke

3:03 Who is Donna Melikian

4:13 Tommy Tells his Story

6:00 Common problems in the middle class

8:29 Why Athletes need Help with Money

9:38 When should you make a financial change

11:50 How to get ahead financially

13:03 What you need to live the American Dream

15:38 Why You need to think BIGGER!

18:15 Things you do when finances are an issue

19:10 Fastest way to unlearn employee habits

22:52 How to start making $100,000

29:57 Everyday Work Ethic’s

33:09 Giving the average person hope!

38:23 One Last “How-to” factor