Making Tough Decisions | Living Money Smart a Vetrepreneur VLOG EP15

Making tough decisions is what separates the doers from the wanna be’s. Sticking with a dead end job to dive into the unknown as an entrepreneur is all about making tough decisions, on an everyday basis. ?

Making Tough Decisions

Everyone wants a better life. Everyone wants to make more money, travel the world and take care of the people they love and care about. So how come more people aren’t doing it?

Comfort Zone. These two words describe an area that most people don’t want to leave.

Best part of developing as an entrepreneur is how to handle issues. It is the ability to handle multiple things all at the same time and come through with positive results.

How about signing a lease for office space that is 3 times what you pay for a mortgage? How about getting involved in real estate investing ? when you have ZERO experience? How about making sure you have the right people in your corner and willing to get in the trenches with you? How about getting into the insurance industry and starting your own business?

It takes guts, it takes VISION, it takes GRIT…oh yes, it also takes MONEY. ? ?? Here in EP15 of Living Money Smart, a Veteran Entrepreneur VLOG, we celebrate a grand opening on WALL STREET. Led by Javier Hernandez and Lizette Herrera in Naperville, IL another PHP Agency office takes root.

Let’s Grab a Cigar

I got introduced in this episode to Cookie’s boyfriend, a United States Marine. As he came out to support her efforts in this grand opening, he was looking at investing in real estate.

Over a cigar at one of my favorite cigar lounge’s in the Chicagoland area, I share my thoughts about real estate investing vs. the insurance industry.  He’s at a crossroads making tough decisions himself, to better his life.

I have done both as an entrepreneur (being a real estate investor and owner of an insurance / financial services firm). But I have had phenomenal results with ONE.