Marine Corps Arrogance or Just Brotherhood?

I stumbled across this on Facebook about Marine Corps Arrogance. I had to laugh…and under my breath said, “that’s our brotherhood”.

Everywhere I go and I run into a Marine, whether on active duty or transitioned into civilian life, I always experience a firm handshake and a few minutes of “catching up”. It’s as if we’ve spent years overseas together and yet, never have. They were a stranger one moment but as soon as I see a Marine Corps hat, our logo (eagle, globe and anchor) on their jacket, shirt or especially a tattoo…it almost always sparks instant rapport.

And my wife, kids and associates at my firm recognize it. They’re like, “What’s with you Marines?” It’s so hard to explain. It’s a bond that one has to go through, earn the pride of wearing the uniform, in order to understand.

I love knowing that even after years out of the military, a now a veteran, I still feel very connected to any Marine, past or present. What a tradition that goes along with being part of the Devil Dog Club!

OK, so here’s what I wanted to share:

Marine Arrogance

A Marine Sergeant wrote this in response to an army guy who posted a comment on a Marine Corps site that he was sick and tired of “Marine Arrogance.”

The Sergeant said…

“I think that’s what makes Marines special, if only in our own minds, is that elusive Quality of Esprit de Corps. It’s the fact that we, as individual Marines, don’t feel that we are individual Marines. When we wear our uniform, when we hear our Hymn, when we go into battle, we are going with every other Marine who ever wore the uniform.

Standing behind us are the Marines who fought during the birth of our nation. We’re standing with the Marines who fought in WWI and gave birth to the legend of the “Teuful Hunden,” or “Devil Dogs.” We are standing with the Marines who took Iwo and Tarawa and countless other blood soaked islands throughout the Pacific.

We are standing with the “Frozen Chosin” and our beloved Chesty Puller. We are standing with the Marines who battled at Hue City and Khe Sanh and the muddy rice paddies of South East Asia. We are standing with the Marines who fought in Desert Storm and Iraqi Freedom and now are fighting in Afghanistan.

Like real brothers, their blood courses through our veins, and when we go into battle, we would rather lay down our lives than be a disappointment to them. We carry on our backs their legacy, their deaths, and their honor. We carry that for the rest of our lives.

The Marine Corps uniform doesn’t come off when our active duty is over. We wear it daily in our attitude and our love of Corps and country. We wear it on our tattoos and our bumper stickers. We wear it on our hearts.

It’s why, no matter where we are in the world, on November 10th, every Marine celebrates the Marine Corps birthday. It’s why we’ll never be an army of 1. It’s why we never stop being Marines. It’s why, for most of us, being a Marine isn’t something we were. It’s something we are.

It’s the most important part of who and what we are. Some say we’re arrogant. We say we’re proud. We have a right to be proud. We are the United States Marines, the most feared and ferocious group of warriors to walk the face of this earth.

When America’s enemies formulate their battle plans, they plan on going around Marine units because they know Damn well that they can’t go through them. We are what other branches wish they were.

We are the modern day Spartans. This isn’t bragging. It’s written in the battle history of our country. When there’s a parade and the Marines march by, everyone pays a little more attention. Some say, “arrogance.” We call it “pride.” It’s why, in a crowd of servicemen, you can always spot the Marine. Why are Marines special? I don’t know. We just are.

Saepius Exertus, Semper Fidelis, Frater Infinitas, Often Tested, Always Faithful, Brothers Forever,

-Semper Fidelis!