Marine Corps Veteran Becomes Millionaire Entrepreneur – Matt Sapaula on Fox Business

Honored to be featured on Fox Business and share my story with David Asman. My hope is that more military veterans, my brothers and sisters in uniform, would consider the business world. In addition to other career options after one’s military service, there is more to life than just a regular job. As a single father, no college degree and very limited career options, I’m so glad I discovered the business world. Entrepreneurship and capitalism have been my direct path of upward financial mobility. Building a business has not only been a rewarding endeavor but a way for me to create jobs and providing opportunities. Entrepreneurship has forced me to grow in so many ways a typical job or a 9-5 lifestyle would have never come close to.

David Asman: Our next guest is a marine veteran with a remarkable business success story! He is the MoneySmartGuy and PHP agency co-owner. Great to see you here, Matt. I know you’re a marine veteran. Tell us your story if you can, briefly.

Matt: So I was a kid that was born here in the Chicago land area. I didn’t have any aspirations for life. After high school, I listed in the Marine Corps. I did two tours, eight years in the Marine Corps on active duty and it was my seventh year in the Marine Corps that I found myself divorced, a single father, custody of my son and I needed to make moves. So I fell into entrepreneurship and I fell into the insurance industry.

David Asman: You fell into entrepreneurship. I love that expression. Now did you complete college?

Matt: I did not complete college. In fact, I attempted to take my GI bill and …

David Asman: I didn’t want to, I didn’t say that to embarrass you. I said that for a reason because I’m wondering nowadays, if you had to compare a college degree compared to the lessons that you learned as a marine, which would you say is more valuable?

Matt: The lessons I learned that as a marine because it’s world experience, real life in the trenches, working with diverse cultures, diverse ethnic backgrounds, socioeconomic differences, it was definitely an education.

David Asman: And you have, when you’re in the marine corps, you have a goal. It’s all about reaching your goals. No matter how hard, no matter how many barriers, it’s about reaching that goal and you go and get it, right?

Matt: 100%. Of course the 100% work ethic and be able to work 16-18 hour days. No problem. 20 hour days is a nice day’s brain. It’s an easy lateral move to entrepreneurship.

David Asman: So where do you go from here, Matt? What’s your next goal?

Matt: We’ve five different people. Our next goal is to make sure that we’re building the next billion-dollar company inside of this industry. Our goal is to be here as the next billion-dollar company, introduce you to Fox business, and we’re not only in the United States of America, but we’re also going global.

David Asman: You know, I wouldn’t bet against you. You never bet against a marine and his goal!

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