Maybe It’s Our Fault – Millionaire Motivation tribute to Michael Jordan


Maybe it’s our fault. Maybe we led you to believe that only lucky people get to become millionaires when it’s simply not true. Maybe we led you to believe that someone gave us a head start when they really didn’t and yet we started with nothing. Maybe we led you to think that every risk we took with money was worth it; that our business was built on flash and not fire.

Maybe it’s our fault that you didn’t see that failure gave us strength and that pain was our motivation. Maybe we led you to believe that entrepreneurship is just a God-given gift and not something we work hard at, every single day of our lives. Maybe we got you thinking you didn’t have to fully commit to becoming the next best version of you or… maybe you’re just making excuses.

The common tendency for many is to blame things. It may be the situation, it may be the life they are handed or the family they are born into or any number of other things. Their first tendency is to blame someone or something for their current predicament. The mentality to rise above their situation is beyond them and that is why they are not able to make any sustainable change happen. This results in them becoming bitter.

Since they become bitter, they naturally think that other successful people became that way by nefarious means or thanks to some unfair advantage. They start hating the very thing that they have always wanted in their hearts. They feel like the rich and the successful are all part of this club which is only meant for crooks. They will make any excuses to justify this way of thinking.

Ultimately, this doesn’t lead anywhere. But do you know what does? Taking a chance, allowing yourself to rise above your predicament and lame excuses and giving it your everything in order to build a life you have always wanted. That is what it takes. What is needed is being truthful to yourself and confronting the other self that stops you from changing your life forever. The part that is lazy and has become comfortable with the way things are, no matter how bad.

What you need is to do anything it takes and to expect nothing from others. What you need is to give everything, every last bit of your energy to make progress. It takes intense dedication and willpower to build the life you want. That is why most people are easily scared away. That is why they choose the easier way out. But guess what? The easier way out doesn’t make dreams happen. The easier way doesn’t make miracles happen.