Message to Your Doubters!

Do you have doubters or haters? If so, here’s a message to send them as you elevate your game!

I shared my dream and they laughed at me.

I said, “I want to be an entrepreneur.” They said, “Get a job.”

I put in the work and yet they still minimize me.

I said, “I could be somebody,” and they still peered down on me.

I said, “I’m good enough,” and yet they compared me.

I said, “I deserve the best.” Yet they still shut the door on me.

So I got up, looked them in the eye and I said, “WATCH ME.”

Watch Me study.

Watch Me prepare.

Watch Me train.

Watch Me grind.

Watch Me learn from my mistakes.

Watch Me out strategizing.

Watch Me out improve you.

Watch Me out-hustle you.

Watch Me outlast you.

Watch Me win.”

No matter who ‘they are’, they can’t keep you from working your plan.

They don’t determine the size of the fight in your spirit or the fire in your heart.

Don’t get bitter just get better. So I dare you to look them in the eye and say WATCH ME!


Do you have any stories about people doubting you? If so please share your experiences on my YouTube Channel and let’s keep the conversation going!