5 Biggest Excuses Military Veterans Make On Why Not To Start A Business

In this post I’d like to shed some light on why so many military service members including Air Force, Army, Navy, Coast Guard, and Marines are so fit for entrepreneurship but yet they don’t follow the path of entrepreneurship.

The people out there just don’t know about business, they don’t know about entrepreneurship and just want to live the best time of their life. So to discuss today’s subject I’m with my fellow veteran who was an old 331 Machine Gunner and grenade launcher and now against all odds he has entered into the world of entrepreneurship. He was raised up in the city of Chicago and was never around wealthy people but now after leaving the military he is selling insurance for PHP Agency

So here are some of the common excuses that I’ve heard from the veteran military community on why they can’t start a business:

1. I Just Want to Go to School and Use My GI Bill

Whether you’re single or married with kids and are living in a city like Chicago; this $2,000 would not go a long way. These $2,000 sounds ridiculous because your living expenses like gas, parking, and many other things attack you. If you run a red light here in the city of Chicago you would be fined for $100-$250.

The answer to this ridiculous excuse is that yes you can get out of the military and get benefits of the GI Bill but of course you have to ask yourself… How far would these $2,000 take you? Because, not everybody is living in Omaha Nebraska or McAllen Taxes – which is considered one of the most affordable cities to live in but what about people who are living in New York, California, Florida, Taxes? What about if you have kids you can’t expect to support a family on post 9/11 GI Bill.         

Even if you’re living in San Francisco where the GI bill is the highest but even then it’s like $4,500 but again if you look at the cost of living it’s the same. So, yes you can get a GI bill but remember you can’t live off it…

2. Join Full Time Military To Get Full-Time Pension

Out there are many veterans who want to stay in or get back in to do their full-time military just because they’re working to get their full-time pension after retirement.

For those with the goal of getting the full-time pensions, if you want to stay in the military, assuming that they’ll keep you there and don’t downsize but even if we assume you can stay in military for 20 years – they’ll pay you just your basic needs. 

So, if your goal is to stay in military for 20 years be prepared to get deployed – there’s always a risk of deployment.  As I was deployed twice, I can tell you that – it’s never a fun to get deployed and every time I was deployed I didn’t like it. I was a father and every time I was deployed my heart was ripped. But even if you forget about those deployments there are in between mini-deployments and all that preparation to get you’re prepared for deployment in between also sucks. 

3. Nobody Is “Living” Off a Military Paycheck

Let me make it clear for you – Nobody is “living” off a military paycheck. You’re actually just making a living but you’re not really living – there is a difference between just making a living and living. You’re just paying for your basic lifestyle. With that in hand, nobody is going to get wealthy. Another thing, you know what the 50% retirement check is based on your basic pay, not any other allowances. So even if you’re a press sergeant or a major or master gunnery will you be willing to live a life at 40 years old with only $3,000?

I just wanted to say that there is a whole new world out of the military. Yeah, we wanted to fight for freedom but why not enjoy it? We’re fighting for the American Pie and that old glory and all that stuff but why not enjoy that glory and eat some of that apple pie and visit some of the best places America has to offer. Even if you’re in the military for 20 years, you have that fear that “Oh man I’ve to start that over again”…

4. They Want Something Safe and Stable

The next excuse that I’ve heard from people staying in the military is that they just want something that is safe and stable as a job like a cop, firefighter, and people’s guy, anything like working for the city, define contractor. Well frankly speaking all these professions are respectable and are good for one’s life.

But if you want to really live life, if you want to travel the world and have some money tucked away for the retirement, and don’t want to fear your kids future from that student loan debt – you’re never going to get these things from a stable and safe job!

Now that even if you are hoping that you have a job that is stable and safe – I’m sure you’ve heard about things like cutbacks? Or have you witnessed how automation and robots is replacing positions? There is nothing safe and stable. Man! Stop making excuses and stop lying to yourself.

Yes, you can say you’ve got a stable and safe amount of bills but you can’t really say you have a safe and stable income that can create your economy– there’s a big difference out there.

The problem is that there aren’t many veterans who could say “Man! I am glad I stayed in the military for 20 years and now I don’t have to depend on anyone, I have a stable income and saving for my retirement”.

In a nutshell, if you want to be of a common example that has made their lives glorious – you’ve to trust your own hands, trust your own abilities.

5. I Just Want To Chill

The other most common confusion and excuse is laziness. For those that think like that, here is my advice:

Imagine you’ve stayed the whole of your life in the military – you’ve sucked it up – you’ve dealt with discipline – dealt with orders – come through missions – and you’ve dealt with all this riffraff.

And now after retirement, you just wanted to stay in the corner ducked up and not deal with people. Let us be very straight about it – if you wanted to live the rest of your life, you still have to deal with yourself. And in order to deal with yourself, you have to deal with everybody out there in society.  If you have a family and kids – you still have to serve them and raise your kids. You still have to go out and make something for them and for yourself.

You! Sticking there in the corner ducked up and not dealing with anybody – Is never going to serve anybody. If you just stay there in the corner – chilling – you’ll be piled up with a stack of bills. You’ll never be going to go anywhere by just sticking around there in the corner – doing nothing and chilling.


What you should do is – find the best next version of you.  Just like how you had the courage to wear that uniform. Have the courage to serve yourself and your family!