Monday Mornings as a Full-Time Entrepreneur: 10 Keys to Make the Jump

Monday mornings have never been the same as a full-time entrepreneur. Since beginning our journey from part-time “wanna be” to full-time “all-in” entrepreneur, our expectations towards the most dreaded day of the week has been redefined.

We brainstormed on what has been our greatest realization in going from a “job mentality” to thinking like an entrepreneur. The answers we got were amazing. Granted, nobody in this video comes from a trust fund, nor do they have a pedigree of higher learning or education. Plus, only ONE person during our Monday morning meeting for full-time entrepreneurs was raised by a parent who was an entrepreneur themselves.

10 Keys to Becoming a Full-Time Entrepreneur

Matt Sapaula masterminds on how to become a full-time entrepreneur


  1. Sacrifice – must be willing to give up many short term plans to create long term happiness
  2. Work Ethic – working for yourself is radically different than working for someone else
  3. Laziness – there is so much “fluff” in one’s day that can be eliminate to create further productivity
  4. Traynsparency – do not hide behind what you think you are, trust another to tell you how you really are
  5. Self-Reflection – do not let pride and ego keep you from seeing, acting and executing on what matters most
  6. Discipline – consistency and committment on a daily basis is a grind for most people
  7. Process Issues Quickly – life will hit you in the mouth. People will disappoint you. Move on, quickly.
  8. All-the-time, 24/7 Mentality – never an “off” switch. You ought to be so passionate that it’s okay to be obsessed.
  9. “Go Fishing” – you should always be on the look out for new talent, people smarter and brighter than you
  10. Re-Invest – don’t live off your business for a while. Be willing to always reinvest capital into your business.

Lastly, becoming a full-time entrepreneur is more of a mental game in having to juggle multiple responsibilities. As an employee all you had to worry about was your job description. However, the world of becoming a full-time entrepreneur means that EVERYTHING is your responsibility and EVERYTHING is your job description. Now that doesn’t mean you have to individually have to do everything but you do have to make sure the job gets done.

What are you thoughts about the transition from full-time employee to becoming a full-time entrepreneur?