MoneySmartMovement: Lamborghini Edition from Las Vegas #PHPGrandPrix Convention

What does a Lamborghini, Ferrari, McLaren, Filet Mignon, Las Vegas and PHP Agency have in common? An experience to put an exclamation point on #PHPGrandPrix with Patrick Bet-David! While I was raised as an average and ordinary kid in an average and ordinary neighborhood, being around exotic cars was only something we saw in magazines and toy cars.

Only on my vision board had I envisioned a Lamborghini upfront close in personal, but never 9 different high-end sports cars AT ONE TIME with some of our closest friends in life and business. How’s that for attracting your vision into reality, eh? Real “Secret” stuff I tell ya…

Take a look at our faces…our reactions are absolutely priceless.

And here’s the MoneySmartMovement – Lamborghini Edition from our vantage point.

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Huge thank you to Patrick Bet-David for the thoughtful surprise and spoiling your people this way!

PS. I’ve been in the financial industry for 17 years now…been a top performer and invited to many trips around the world. But NOTHING matches this standard of planning, execution and surprise!