Most Painful Massage Ever! Intense Deep Tissue – Would you do this? | EntrepAthlete EP2 PT 2

A lot of the time, your progress as an entrepreneur is all mental. You might tell yourself that you don’t have the skills or you can’t do it, but you have to realize that your own mind might be acting as your biggest roadblock. But once you’re able to break through that block, miracles happen. You achieve things you had never thought possible for yourself.

As an entrepathlete, I take care of my health, my mind, and my business. So, I go through things like cryotherapy and intense deep tissue massage which is one of the most painful things ever. The latter is just a way to break through my physical limitations. And that is a huge lesson for entrepreneurs because you can just as easily translate it into a mental battleground.

As a wise saying goes, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” This can be translated to explain what I am talking about. Most of the time there are no actual roadblocks in your mind. It is just that you tell yourself that there are roadblocks. It is just an illusion that you create to stay in your bubble. And it is this that you need to overcome as an entrepreneur, especially in the current global situation.

There are three things that taking care of my body through cryotherapy, massage therapy, and chiropractic adjustments taught me:

1. No Pain No Gain

Often times as an entrepreneur, we strive to go out and say things like “I’m going to make a hundred thousand dollars or that I’m going to make a million dollars”. Obviously that entails a lot of heavy-lifting and there is pain associated with that. But taking care of my body taught me that if there is something that you want to be comfortable in, then you need to be comfortable being uncomfortable.

2. Get Rid of Mental Blocks

As I talked about above, it’s really essential to get rid of mental blocks. If you come in your own way, you obviously can’t go very far. It is important to listen to other people when they might advise you on something, especially your mentors and partners. Remove the mental block and face the challenges head-on. You have it in you to do anything you want.

3. Understanding Your Weaknesses

The third thing that I realized was that I need to work on my flexibility. I need to get my range of motions back. Similarly, in business, you need to know your strengths but you also need to know your weaknesses. As you patch one weakness after the other, you will get to a point where you have become much better than when you started out. This will make you a better entrepreneur and your business will prosper.