New Year’s Resolutions SUCK: Look at How our Office Looks on New Year’s Day

New Years Resolutions SUCK! I’ve never been a fan of them. Why wait for only ONE time a year to make a decision to change your life?


I did a FB live video in the middle of our office on New Year’s Day. Yes, on a holiday when most people had the day off.

New Year’s Resolutions SUCK: Consider these 3 things instead

Here’s my 3 problems with New Year’s Resolutions…and what I do instead that has worked for many others.

Plus, it’s New Year’s Day and our office is PACKED with entrepreneurs. Why? We have engrained in those we mentor and coach, a different mindset when it comes to what the norm is.

Give these ideas a shot and let us know how your’ve resolved to live a better financial life!