Oheka Castle Retreat: Building a Million Dollar Business

Let’s pop open the hood and learn how to build a million dollar business…at Oheka Castle! What a way to close out last year and build major momentum into a new one. First time I’ve ever been to a castle, let alone the 2nd largest private residence in the US, built by Otto Khan in 1919. What an iconic venue to assemble over 60 entrepreneurs and mastermind building a multi-million dollar business.

If this castle looks a little familiar, it was the inspiration to Scott Fitzgerald’s book The Great Gatsby.

My wife and I, alongside Jason Graziani from Dallas, TX where invited by Patrick Bet-David to be fellow instructors at this Million Dollar Roundtable Clinic after being the first to run a million dollar business amongst our peers in 2016.

Here’s the recap video of some of the takeaways from this Million Dollar Roundtable Clinic held at Oheka Castle. Mind you, PHP Agency didn’t just rent out a few rooms…they rented out the ENTIRE estate for this event. Unbelievable.

Perfect Environment to Learn How to Build a Million Dollar Business

One can’t help but expand their vision about what is possible in a place like this. Standards and expectations about our own financial future were raised. Serious questions were asked about building a million dollar business. Best part is that many of us at the retreat come from average and ordinary backgrounds. Most of us lack entrepreneurial pedigree or come from any family wealth to even speak of. In fact most of us come from more debt and negative account balances…who are we to expect to build a million dollar business?

That’s the benefit of seeking and earning the privilege of working beside a mentor. What a unique and special relationship this is. Often times, early in my career I demanded or even expected a mentor to miraculously show up and help me. No way. I had to go out and find one, earn their trust and continue to build trust. How? Do what they say and ask follow up questions.

Matt Sapaula with Valuetainment's Patrick Bet David and Tom Ellsworth at Oheka Castle

How can you not think bigger being surrounded by Valuetainment’s Patrick Bet-David and the “Biz Doc” Tom Ellsworth?

Going from nowhere to somewhere, scratch to success, rags to riches draws people to this country. It’s the American Dream, a story unfolding and legacies being created. Success in business is not about the worth of a college degree but the heart, soul and passion about the entrepreneur behind it. One thing a resume can’t measure is the size of a man or woman’s heart and desire to be somebody and do something special in their family’s generation.

Matt Sapaula at Oheka Castle for Million Dollar Roundtable Clinic

Taking a little stroll with my wife on the estate of Oheka Castle. I couldn’t begin to describe what a 109,000 square foot estate looked like until I saw it myself. Unbelievable.

One thing very clear here with everyone at this Million Dollar Roundtable Clinic is that we realize the Great Equalizer in America is the gift of entrepreneurship, free enterprise and capitalism. Even though we may find ourselves in the insurance industry, what saved our life wasn’t the fact that someone told us how to budget or save money for retirement or purchase an insurance policy. That’s just a commodity.

What changed and continues to change our lives is that we have financial control of our future resting in our own hands, not anyone else’s hands. It’s our decision and action that leads us to succeed, or fail. I greatly favor having this choice in my hands because I know I’m a worker, a grinder and I have a lot to prove. And I don’t want anyone stealing either my glory, claiming my hard work or limiting my income with how hard I will put my life on the line.

Coming back home we have bigger sights now. It’s not about building a million dollar business anymore. It’s now about building a BILLION dollar business.

Did you chuckle? Tell me about it. I’ve learned to think bigger and expect more of myself. People will either join us in doing so or simply watch us do it. Here we go…

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