One Major Benefit of Entrepreneurship: Dealing With Adversity

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There are many benefits of entrepreneurship. One in particular, was a major gift for us the past 12 months. For those that dare to become the very best version of themselves, there is no greater way to accelerate that than dealing with adversity.

During a recent promotion to Senior Vice President, we looked back on what transpired over a year ago and how we kept fighting through setbacks, challenges and doubts.

Adversity makes success so sweet.

A Benefit of Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is never a promise of an easy life, yet it is a promise of a life worth having.

ONE THING can totally disrupt your life mentally, emotionally, financially. People that you thought were “friends”, “family” or  “mentors” can suddenly turn their back on you when things don’t go right.

To make matters worse you deal with the rumors, the attacks on your character, the backstabbing and gossip.

You’re thinking, “Wait, you’re supposed to stand with me, right?” And they don’t.

Never downsize your dreams to fit your reality, but in those tough moments, upgrade your conviction to match your destiny.

What I have learned is that it is important to know the character of the people you have around you. How you ask? When adversity comes, the right people show up.

These past 11 months for my wife and I, working together, has been nothing short of a transformation AND breakthrough. We’ve realized that things don’t happen to you, they happen for you.

I’m so thankful for Pastor Dudley Rutherford, who had connect me 5 years ago w/Patrick Bet-David. We communicated via FB but that was it. No meeting, no handshake, not even a phone call. It wasn’t the right time.

And when we finally did, it was like we had been friends and battle buddies for years.

I am SO PROUD of our leadership team within the MoneySmartMovement . Ruddy/Rosy, Rich/Karen, Javi, Lizette, Bryan/Amy…and this year we gained, Kimm/Hiram, Kelly/Katy, Lisa/Alfie, Chris/Evelyn, Angelo…and Jojo and Jet.

As we reflect on this promotion and what we did to earn it, we are extremely for the people that have entered our lives. Most people will never learn how to deal with adversity and setbacks… and that is one gift of entrepreneurship that keeps on giving.

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