One Relationship You Never Want to Lose | Patrick Bet-David of PHP Agency Inc

How does a mentor affect your life, your business? CEO/Founder of PHP Agency Patrick Bet-David makes a surprise visit to our Oakbrook office. We go LIVE after I pick him up after interviewing Chicago real estate guru Sean Colon.

It’s quite the honor of being mentored by Patrick Bet-David, who also is the host of the #1 YouTube channel for Entrepreneurs, Valuetainment.

Patrick Bet-David, CEO/Founder of PHP Agency Inc.

I’ve worked with Patrick directly for the past 2.5 years. I was introduced to him by Pastor Dudley Rutherford (whom I met through my sister), who leads one of the top 50 biggest churches in America, Shephard of the Hills Church in Porter Ranch, CA.

Patrick, also, is a Veteran Entrepreneur. After serving in the Army, as a Humvee mechanic, he got his first job in the financial services industry as a broker for Morgan Stanley. Start date? It was 9/11/2001. What timing, eh?

Eventually he found himself at Transamerica/World Financial GRoup and reaching the position of Executive Vice Chairman.

In 2009, he left World Financial Group and started his own firm, PHP Agency, Inc.

7.5 years later, Patrick is leading the fastest growing financial marketing organization in America. Going from 60 agents in 2009 to over 4,000 in 2017.

I consider Patrick a “war-time” CEO as he is a true entrepreneur that is proactively running his business. He was just offered a nine-figure deal to sell his agency, but declined. There is MORE work to be done and having an exit strategy at this point, is just very pre-mature.

Patrick came up to our Oakbrook office on a 4th of July holiday weekend when a majority of the insurance industry, let alone most businesses in American, would not see their CEO working.

But Patrick Bet-David, leading by example, is not your typical CEO.

I get to pick up Patrick in the Gold Coast of downtown Chicago as we grab lunch and shoot a quick interview with Antoine Walker. As you may see, oddly enough, it’s not just business between Patrick and I.

How you do anything, is how you do everything.

My hope for you as your journey through the business world, is to search for the one relationship that can take both your personal AND business life to the next level.