One Thing People Don’t Know About Life Insurance | Meet the Framptons


I want to talk to you about a story that might relate to you and your family. You’re going to meet a family that is going to remind you of the people that you love and care about. It will expose you to a scenario of what happens if you’re not prepared.

It’s been said that most people treat their finances like they do technology. Most people hold on to outdated financial strategies whereas people who are on the cutting edge, seek new information and they improve their situation. This can even save their financial life.

Most people think that life insurance is only for when you die. But, what happens when somebody suffers a heart attack, stroke or cancer? What happens when they survive and how setbacks financially do they become? Most people in America file bankruptcy not because they are in a bad financial situation but because of health care which changes their scenario.

Life Insurance does what most people don’t think that it does. Not having this knowledge costs a lot of people a lot of money and unnecessary heartache. The story of my good friends, Kenya and Dustin Frampton will show you what Life Insurance can really do for you.

The Story of Dustin and Kenya

Dustin and Kenya met each other at their church and eventually, they got married. Today, they have four kids. Dustin was introduced to me by Richard, my good friend from the military. The interesting thing is that he had already started watching my videos and he went on to build my personal website.

Long story short, Dustin got reconnected with Richard and realized that he and his wife should pay attention to life insurance. Eventually, he purchased a life insurance policy from a friend. At the time, he was already on a lookout for one and he thought he could help their friend with her promotion too.

One day, on June 12, Dustin suffered a stroke in the morning. He was not being able to move his right hand and leg. He was mumbling and couldn’t get himself up. Kenya called 911 and he has flown to a hospital soon after. At the moment, Kenya was highly concerned about whether Dustin will be able to recover and how they will face life moving forward.

But because Dustin had the insurance policy, they received a payout which was a pretty ‘nice amount’ according to Kenya. It was enough for them to feel comfortable, to buy a car, to pay bills, to take Dustin to doctors’ appointments, get groceries and to just live.

Most people don’t realize what Life Insurance can really do. They still think it is for when somebody dies. In reality, it can help you get your life back while you are living. There are many options and you can buy something that suits your needs and family.